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So I’ve learned something. If I do the updates on a page, it doesn’t alert! those of you who are subscribed.

Wanna subsribe? Click on leave a reply. Leave a reply (your email is not shown on the post). Then just below your reply there’s a box you can check to “notify me (you) of new posts via email.”

So, back to regular blog posts!

More photos…

Yesterday at lunch time.

By evening… They even have the door blocked so we can’t fall out!

It was a great day for working outside. Temps in the 40’s.

Hmmm, this is an original post under the den/porch. This could be a problem…

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2 Responses to dpg-12/16/11

  1. Alice says:

    Coming along! You do have a beautiful place. You can see the water. As good as mountains!

  2. Kay Dennison says:

    Gorgeous!!!!!!! Happy Christmas!!!! Glad you stopped by — I thought I’d lost you!!!!!

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