Merry Christmas!

The tree is up…

The food is planned… It’s just us and my brother, Kevin. Chris arrives on Tuesday. He and Kyle are spending Christmas together in Kansas.

We’re not doing gifts, so there’s no last-minute wrapping to do. Our gift is the dpg (deck, porch, generator).

Meanwhile, the work continues. There’s a reason NH is the Granite State. There are a whole lot of rocks out there. The propane tank hole was finally accomplished on the third try. The tank is supposed to be delivered on Wednesday. The hole for the new deck stairs came perilously close to our septic line coming out of the house.

Sadly, you won’t be subjected to my glee when the daffodils bloom in the spring. I think they’re gone. Kevin says I’ll be singing, “Where have all the flowers gone?” They worked hard though to keep my lilac. I really hope it survives. I think there are a few forsythia that have been lost in the digging also. Oh well.

The footings for the deck and porch are in, along with redoing the footings under the present den/porch.

The guys doing the work are delightful. Even the two who had to be here today in the snow were working hard while trying hard not to slip and slide too much.

We’re just leaving the front door unlocked each day so they can get to the downstairs bathroom (better than having a porta pottie in the driveway). And, we’ve set up a table and chairs in the entry hallway with coffee each morning.

Sunrise yesterday morning. It was beautiful!

Hope your Christmas is simply wonderful!

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10 Responses to Merry Christmas!

  1. Meg says:

    love it all, can’t wait to sit on that new deck! happy holidays to you all and a very happy new year!

  2. Ron Gheen says:

    Happy Holidays to you. Gosh you get a porch, generator etc. all we get is a new clutch for Ron’s truck! 🙂 It was warm a lovely here until late today and then a chill slipped in on us. No snow our way though.

  3. Rachel says:

    Sounds like a good present as it’s needed. Merry Christmas!!

  4. Russ Raymoure says:

    Holy cow! No wonder the crew is willing to work in crazy weather… Indoor plumbing, a place to sit, coffee. The next thing you’ll tell us is that you have donuts out for break time and BBQ for lunch. What is the hole with the black liner in it? The new porch and deck are wonderful, but I’ll bet you will appreciate the whole house generator the most after the power goes down in the middle of the night or a snow storm a couple of times.

    Merry Christmas. Russ

  5. Julian says:

    Thinking of all of you – glad the work is progressing – but thankful it’s not us! Wishing all of you tons of good wishes and wonderfujl memories! Much love always, Michael and Julian

  6. Vickie Carty says:

    It’s looking good neighbors! Merry Christmas!

  7. Alice says:

    Maybe one or two will survive (daffodils); that will be the one you blog about in the spring. Be sure to take pictures. And that is SOME view in that last picture. Happy holidays you two–and your brother too!

  8. Beautiful pictures.
    Loved the New Hampshire Xmas card – very clever.
    I am down with a UTI right now – got a rx yesterday. We are not doing family celebration until Tue when my oldest nephew and his fiance will get to town (or course, they had to go to her folks today and tomorrow).
    No snow, in the high 30’s right now. Sort of weird.
    Merry Christmas to the Skinners!!!!

  9. Marion says:

    The most wonderful Christmas to all! Love, Marion

  10. Chris says:

    I really hope your lilac survives too!

    That is some serious stuff being done…wow! Sounds like your work crew is a pretty good group of folks. I’m sure they appreciate being treated so warmly by the two of you. Looking forward to the updates.

    Merry Christmas! XO

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