The building continues

Wanna waste some time? Go to Pinterest. OMG, good thing it’s winter and we can’t do much outside. Not because of snow, as there’s none, but it’s been very cold.

The work continues and they (the building, digging, etc… people) are fascinating to watch. It’s like a ginormous puzzle and it is all coming together slowly. With thanks to the lack of snow…

The whole house generator…
We haven’t lost power for more than a day but the year before we moved here power was gone for many days. There are days when we can’t get out due to snow/ice. If the power goes, we’re sunk. So, we’re getting the generator. The generator uses propane so… we need a propane tank. We don’t want a tank sitting in the yard so, a hole was dug (took 3 tries to find the space without ledge (rock/granite) preventing the digging of the hole.

The deck…
Our friends, the Dobbs, were here a couple of years ago and Donnie said, “You need a new deck.” It is pretty old, the house was built in 1984, and parts of the deck are pretty rotten. The builder we’re using came out this summer and after walking around said, “You’re not using those steps, are you?” He fixed the steps and now we’re building a whole new deck, with new steps! Very neat (and expensive!!!) part, no more deck post in between the garages. Today, several 40 foot beams were delivered. No more worrying that someone will back into the post and take out the deck! Another plus, this deck will be strong enough that we wont HAVE to get out there and shovel off the snow immediately as the builder says it won’t be falling down.

The screen porch…
As long as we’re building a deck, why not add a screen porch? Moffett was just a tad surprised when I mentioned it but, we’re adding a screen porch! I love sitting on our deck but me and sun just don’t get along. So, shade and no bugs is my idea of “nice!”

The roof…
Since we’ll be putting a roof on the porch, it makes sense to go ahead and redo the whole roof.

French drains…
Moffett spends much time on a ladder in the back yard raking the roof and clearing the gutters during the winter. We’re too old to do this stuff! The gutter will be removed and melted snow and rain will now drip into the drain. Probably with the help of some heat strips in the gutters/spouts. Ice damns have not been fun.

It’s a whole lot of fun – not! But it will be, when it’s done.

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3 Responses to The building continues

  1. Betsy says:

    Looking forward to sitting on that new porch looking at your amazing view.

  2. Kay Dennison says:

    It’s going to be lovely and comfy — and you’ll be snug and that’s a wonderful thing!!!

  3. Russ Raymoure says:

    Sounds like they’re making headway. You’re going to love the screen porch. What kind of sissy contractors do you have out there. In Kensington Manor when they hit shell rock they got out the dynamite. I think that was over by the time you built though, so you missed all the ka-BOOM, shake.

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