Some hiccups…

It’s cold here, really cold.

We’ve had a few hiccups on the project.

The generator has to be moved as it’s too close to the house. The digging guy knew that but the electric guy (he’s young…) didn’t.

The roofers were here until 7pm in the dark and cold on Wednesday night. Moffett called me at work and said, “You need to go to Golden View. You don’t want to come home.” That’s where dad was and I still visit some people there who were friendly with dad (who died 3 years ago, yesterday.)  There was an air compressor in the entry as it was too cold to run it outside or in the garage. We had snow and sleet and **** on Thursday, and the roof leaked big time into the living room. So they were back on Friday morning in the freezing rain to fix it. We had to get someone (our digging guy) here with sand just so they could drive up our driveway. They had to get the snow off the roof before they could work on it. Their clothes were totally frozen. We kept the coffee going and the leak is fixed.

The electric box thing for the generator can go lots of places but we’d like to have it in our utility/storage room. But… That meant we needed to move some water pipes. Our plumber called Friday morning to come over but I told him we had utter chaos going on, so he stayed home. He came today (Sunday). Got everything moved and then sat and drank a beer with Moffett and watched football.

The plumber is someone we met the first month we moved in. Moffett and Kyle were on a fishing trip in Utah and I was “home alone.” Our elderly neighbor, Lloyd, stopped by and I told him I needed to find a plumber as something was dripping in the garage. He gave me a name and number but it was the weekend and really not an emergency (small leak), so I waited until Monday to call. I called on Monday and the plumber’s wife said, “Ohhhh, you’re the one Lloyd has left all the messages about…” He’s a great guy. He’s retired but still does stuff for us. He and his wife came to dad’s Funeral Mass. I really, really appreciate living in our small town.

Here are all the photos, so far…
Skip to the end if you’ve watched this!

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  1. Alice says:

    later on when the weather’s fine, I can see you sitting there on that nice screen porch, maybe drinking an iced tea or lemonade…and thinking it really was worth it after all! Everyone needs a few “war stories” to tell our visitors. (Three years your father’s been gone! Time does fly. That you continue to visit says a lot about you. Kudos.)

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