Oh, yum…

A break from the renovation fun! Not really, but I’ll start with the yum.

Back in the fall, we were in Front Royal, VA to visit Moffett’s cousin Dick and his wife Lorraine. We had a delightful lunch in downtown Front Royal at a place called Soul Mountain. While there, Lorraine purchased a package of their corn bread mix called Boo Boo’s Corn Bread Mix. Gave us half and told us it was delicious. Lorraine is a champion baker so if she uses this stuff instead of mixing/baking her own, then it has to be good. While cleaning out the pantry shelves this weekend, I spied the bag. Moffett was making chili (he really has become quite a cook!) and so I decided to make corn muffins with the mix.

Oh my goodness! Best darn corn muffins we’ve ever had! And along with the chili, was a perfect dinner after watching the Patriots win their game.

Regrettably, the restaurant doesn’t have a web site but they are on Facebook. So, Lorraine, if you’re reading this, I may be sending a request for another package.

Ok – back to the renovating with just a few photos. In one week, we’ve had freezing temps, snow, ice, fog, and today – 40 degrees and sunny. Scaffolding is up. More of the old deck is down.

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3 Responses to Oh, yum…

  1. Jim and Suzanne says:

    I know you will be soooooooo glad when it is over. Keep the faith!

  2. Kay Dennison says:

    Your chili looks awesome!!!

    And wow!!! It’s a mess now but I’m sure the end result will be great!!!!

  3. Kerry Ann Berg says:

    The workers without jackets,to me brrrr,proves they are really used to the weather.Your new deck will be just beautiful, the footings for the deck look like plugs to go into outlets…are they using the same footings for the new deck? Moffett Edwin remember the huge snowman that Uncle Julian and Dad( well your Uncle Frank) built in the yard at the cemetery house? I take it you are not planning on building one there at the entrance to your driveway? Colleen the fire looks so nice and inviting, I look so bad in a hat but would welcome one like yours if I were in weather like it is there. How long do you think it will take them to complete your deck? I would think it feels really strange to be in the house and not see the deck.Thank-you for sending these pix will look forward to some of the new deck. =}

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