Winter in NH

Aha – the winter has arrived as an icy, yucky mess.

It’s good for New Hampshire so we deal with it.

Coming up soon is the 3rd Annual Pond Hockey Classic. It’s been moved to a smaller lake in Meredith as the big lake, Lake Winnipesaukee, isn’t frozen enough, yet.
A photo from last year – Burlington Free Press

The next weekend is the Ice Fishing Derby with lots of people standing around on a frozen lake, catching fish. That’s us in 2005. And nope, no ice fishing for us!

To each his own…

Meanwhile, below are two photos of some of the birch trees in our yard today. They should pop back up, I hope.

No builders were here today. And, no, the generator isn’t hooked up yet. The power stayed on today, although… there were a few blips.

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2 Responses to Winter in NH

  1. Alice says:

    Well, the nice weather was nice while it lasted, wasn’t it? I knew you’d get pummeled sooner or later, but like you say–it’s better for you. We’re getting a taste the last two days but not so bad yet. I’m thinking we’ll be hiking in snow this June, worse than last year. The weather–like our politicians–gets less and less dependable every year! As for you, get that winter over and enjoy that new screened in pleasure porch!!!! 🙂

  2. Ha ha ha – they had to cancel the big cross country ski race that was scheduled for this weekend – not enough snow. It was 40 degrees today and 45 tomorrow.
    (At least I won’t be tempted by all the concession stands).

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