First Beam is Up

So all I can think of is, “Beam me up, Scotty.” It wasn’t that easy today.

The posts went in yesterday, and today, the first beam is up. I wasn’t here to watch but I heard it wasn’t that easy.

This morning was cold and rainy and icy. By this afternoon, the temp hit 40. Welcome to New Hampshire.

The beams are 48 feet long. We want to avoid having a post between the two garages and so, long beams.

No surprise – some photos of building a deck in the snow, ice, whatever!

Saturday morning

Moffett & Kevin cleared ice off the driveway on Saturday

Tuesday morning in the snow


Our “building guys” are wonderful.
Pleasant, personable, knowledgable, and doing a great job.

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  1. Alice says:

    I’m shivering just looking at all that ice! Talk about sticktoitiveness, your building crew sure has it!!!! Bravo.

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