It’s almost March!

I remember having to cover up daffodils in February when it was warm but, too early for them to be peeking through the ground. But of course, that was not here in New Hampshire.

I remember our first winter here, looking at the piles and piles of snow and wondering if the daffodils I had planted would ever show up. I also doubted that the snow would ever melt…

This year, God only knows where my daffodils are!

I have just a small space for a garden. It was full of daisies and daffodils and lilies and chrysanthemums and peonies and other nifty flowers. (OMG, I spelled chrysanthemums right on my first try!)

Daffodils have been a favorite for years and years. This is our 4th house since 1975 and every one had daffodils. We’ll still have some as our first year here, I climbed around the rocks and stuck bulbs anywhere I could find enough dirt. Favorite gift the fall (1998) we moved here? A big box of daffodil bulbs from Moffett’s Aunt Felicia! She may not have had the most beautifully landscaped yard but she had lots of daffodils and lots of forsythia. (Oh yeah, the forsythia is gone, too. There’s just one next to the driveway that’s still hanging in there.) Felicia and I had a “first daffodil” competition every year. And she won, every year.

My one lilac is still okay, I think. Time will tell.

My wish, I want my former neighbor, Carole (from OP) to come here and tell me what to do. She had a gorgeous yard and living next door to them was a delight (the pool was nice, too…).

We didn’t budget replacing the flowers but… I’ll start over.

Is it March yet? Actually, I probably won’t be able to much gardening stuff until April. Oh well…


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2 Responses to It’s almost March!

  1. You didn’t see any lady slippers lurking about, did you?

  2. Alice says:

    Forsythia is easy to start with sprigs in the ground–at least it was in Ohio. Deer don’t eat Daffodils like they do tulips. Do you have deer lurking around your woods? Too bad about the other flowers, but you may be surprised how sturdy some of them can be. I’ll cross my fingers.

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