And it continues…

Now that we’re basically rebuilding the outside of our house… It’s fascinating.

Moffett and the contractor did deck lighting, door lighting, driveway lighting and a whole s**t load of light switch decisions this morning. It’s going to be nifty. And probably not very thrifty. Oh well.

I’ve found a fan for the porch and the outside lights for the doors. Pinterest is helping me keep track of it all.

The fan and lights – so far…

The weather page still has that dreaded four letter word in our forecast for this week. Although, we’ve been lucky with the weather during the construction.

This week the house was pink for a day or so. They’ve removed the shakes (siding) and the pink insulation stuff was there. If there hadn’t been snow on the ground I could have believed that we lived in Florida or another warmer place. Pink stuff is gone and new insulation will arrive soon (I hope…).

Oh, and I found this. The person who makes these actually lives in Leesburg, VA. How amusing (that’s where Moffett was born and raised). I will get this!

So, here are a few photos. Know that I’m more than ready to leave for work each morning as staying home is an extremely noisy option.

March 1st. (We missed the funeral of my Uncle Joe.)

March 4th. Raking the roof. With no gutters right now the dripping was annoying.

March 10th. Surprise! It snowed again.

March 10th. Shovelling the future screen porch.
(Chuck & Betsy, check out the copycat porch wall!)

Today, March 14th.

I have not started looking for any daffodils, yet. Something has to show up, right?!

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5 Responses to And it continues…

  1. Ron Gheen says:

    Snow!!! What is that. Winter. Today about 78 degrees here in Culpeper. Same for tomorrow. A little too hot too soon.

    The house is going to look great. Super cool!


  2. meg says:

    really is looking great! looking forward to being there with you!

  3. Chuck Bradshaw says:

    Prepare for more house guests!! The curious will be drawn to NH.

  4. Alice says:

    Love the porch sign; I should get one too! As for the cost, I felt the same way when we were adding the extra 5 or 6 feet to our bedroom during my chemo days. Now I cannot imagine having the room as it was–so suffocating to even think of it. Hang the expense, it’ll be worth it.

  5. Joy says:

    Your house project is really coming along….although it may not seem fast enough for you Colleen. I hesitate to mention your snow for fear that I’ll jink our (finally) gorgeous 70-80’s weather here lately…and we’ll be hit with some freak snow storm. It wouldn’t be so unusual for the midwest. Your place is going to be just beautiful…and what a great porch sign. Take care…. ~Joy

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