Last week was wonderful, warm, sunny, and it tricked us.


This week, it’s darn cold, and the weather things on Wunderground are even hinting at some snow later on this week and next. No “Easter Bonnets” here!

Today, right outside my office window, there was a bear.
No camera, so no photo. I was too awed anyway.

A couple of years ago, Moffett had stopped at the office on his way to the recycling center (aka – the dump). Another staff member let him know there was a bear in the back of the truck going through the dump stuff.

One of the building guys spotted something green coming up last Thursday and stuck a post into the ground so they’d all stop stomping on the something green. When I got home from work, they showed me and – yup, some of the daffodils persevered and appeared! I dug ’em up the next day and stuck ’em in a pot. Then I put the pot next to my lone, surviving forsythia. By Saturday, moved the pot into the garage along with another pot of daffodils that a friend (staff member above) gave me. I hope they’ll survive until I can transplant – as the temps have dropped, a lot.

Our contractor ordered one of the lights I’d found online (see before post) and we went to pick it up. We hated it.  The very helpful clerk at our small electric place told us we might want to go to Derry, to a larger place. So we did. In the pouring rain. And found a light we love. They’re handmade in Exeter, NH. They’re really nice. They’re really expensive. We ordered a bunch.

We have to start over with a new electrician. Our first, didn’t do such a great job. We asked a friend who works for the local electric co-op to come over and check on some stuff he’d done. It wasn’t good news. It’s going to cost us (more than the lights…). Live and learn…

And no, we don’t have a finish date yet. Hoping for Memorial Day Weekend!

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4 Responses to Brrrrrr……..

  1. Ron Gheen says:

    Life is a — tch! But you guys will have a beautiul place when it is done. We can’t wait to see it. Ron and Becky

  2. Alice says:

    Hope springs eternal! Just like those daffodils. I have real hope for them. As for the weather, I knew it’d be like this–here too, probably.

  3. james d barr says:

    I know you must be really tired of the construction. Keep the faith and just think of how nice the end results will be.
    We had a small project a couple of years ago to expand one of our electrical panel boxes at the lake house. We got a lot of help from the county inspector with respect to how much we were charged and some “oversights”. The inspector actually forced the contractor to refund us some money and to fix his mistakes on the contractors dime.

  4. kaydennison says:

    Just keep the end result in mind — renovation can be soooo depressing!!!!!

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