Still Waiting for Spring!

But, I’m hopeful.

Even though there were some of those white flakes floating around today…

Hope everyone had a lovely Easter! Kevin joined us for lunch at Hart’s Turkey Farm Restaurant. No shopping, no cooking and no dishes!

The renovation of the house continues. I am positive that I never want to live in a zoo. Many long years ago, there was an Outer Limits (or maybe it was Twilight Zone) where people were captured by aliens and taken away. When they arrived, they were surprised to find a home identical to their own. As they’re looking around, suddenly a wall goes up, there are bars (zoo bars, not drinking bars) and there’s a bunch of aliens looking at them through the bars. That’s kinda how I feel…

Don’t get me wrong. The men working here are great, friendly and pleasant to be around. And, they don’t look in the windows at all while they’re working. It’s just getting old to have people around the house. (or maybe it’s just me that’s getting old???)

So – more photos of the fun we’re having…

The windows & porch are covered so they can do some spray painting of the soffits.
The under porch storage is going to be great.
Roof shingles were delivered.
We’re putting one of those slim AC units out in the den.
A forsythia has survived and the lilac is getting ready to bloom!

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6 Responses to Still Waiting for Spring!

  1. kaydennison says:

    Wow!!!! This is really gonna be great!!!!!

  2. Chuck Bradshaw says:

    When will the guest room be finished?

  3. Betsy says:

    Hang in there…it’ll be worth it. You’re gonna love it!

  4. Millie Steel says:

    There were no pretty spring bonnets in sight Easter Sunday. Winter coats, hats and woolens were rigor, but two robin stalwarts strolled across the lawn so maybe there really is a Spring a coming! You think? Millie

  5. Alice says:

    I’m interested in that “slim” ac for the den. Our house doesn’t need ac much of the summer because it has an excellent cross breeze. The master bedroom, tacked on the backside, doesn’t and it’s the hottest room in the house even with the ac running all night making the rest of the house cold. We’re thinking of a small window unit just for the mbr, and not running the ac at all (unless we get triple digits). Looks beautiful so far. I always say those New Englanders do some of the best carpentry work I’ve seen! Good old Yankee ingenuity!!

  6. Wanda says:

    Your place will be wonderful when finished! I can’t believe the amount of work being done. I thought our complete bathroom makeover 8 years ago would drive me crazy. It only lasted about six weeks. You & Moffett are really brave to tackle this!
    Janet & Roland were here this weekend. We went out to dinner. Janet NEVER changes!!! We’re all the same age but she looks the same as college. A little different from our meeting in fifth grade but not much.
    Weather here is screwy. This week has been 50 – almost 70. This coming Sun. & several days next week supposed to be in the 80’s. Major sinus & allergy congestion!
    Good luck with your major renovation. I enjoy seeing the pictures!

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