It was a gorgeous weekend! Windows open, doors open. Lots and lots of fresh air. I loved it!

But, last week we received the news that 4 good friends, lost their sons to cancer. Out of the four, three of them went to high school with Moffett. The young men were 37 and 33 years old. Both have wives and kids. Both were good guys. Their names are Michael and Kelly. We’re sad for their families and friends.

The renovation continues and I’ll put some pics at the end of this post.

Last night we got to attend a restaurant opening in Center Harbor. It was great fun and the food is yummy. My brother, Kevin, is one of the cooks. They opened for real today and apparently were busy the whole day. It’s a small place but the owners did a complete renovation and it’s nice, really nice. Kevin’s working breakfast and lunch.

The birthday – yeah, I had one last week. Good grief, I’m 62! Really? I’ve had some memorable b’days but this last one will be — hmmm, what… not one of the fun ones but…
memorable… One of the ladies I worked with at the church, a nun, recently retired and moved to a new apartment in Concord. On Wednesday, she didn’t see a curb and fell off the curb and ended up in the ER in Concord. So, we spent my b’day in the ER in Concord, NH. A first for us! She has a broken nose along with a LOT of colorful bruises on her face. She’ll be okay and that’s good, but what an ordeal for her. And no, Harriet, I’m not posting the photo we took in the hospital!

So – latest photos!

Redoing the drainage in our “parking lot.”
New front door.
The screens are on the porch! (no doors, yet…)
New french doors to replace the sliders.

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3 Responses to Yippee!

  1. I think Anderson Windows might be headquartered in Mn. Or else they have a huge factory here.
    Always nice to be on good terms with the cook!!!

  2. Alice says:

    So sorry about Michael & Kelly…there really is something out of kilter when men this young succumb to that awful disease. On a brighter note, that sunshine really gives me a boost of energy. We’re getting some here today as well. I have a birthday looming, too, and mine makes 62 look like a spring chicken! 😆

  3. kaydennison says:

    Beautiful!!!!! I’m sooooooooooooo glad for you!!!!

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