Summer has arrived in New Hampshire, for real! I don’t think it will snow again until fall, I hope.

Ladyslippers in the yard

Wildflowers in the yard

Rhododendrons blooming!

Our Memorial Day Weekend has been lazy and sunny and nice.

Except – for the dusting. The dust is everywhere! I had no idea it would be this dusty. But, it’s okay, just one more thing to take care of during this fun house renovation.

Our contractor had said “maybe” we’d have our porch by Memorial Day. It didn’t happen. Apparently some of the joists have sunk a little so they’re going to fix that. So, a few of the floor boards went down but that’s it for now. Honestly, I’m impressed that they checked and are fixing it. Much nicer than having a dippy porch floor, right?

They put the plywood back down so we were able to sit out there in our “travel chairs.” And it is nice! Moffett’s even been out there working on his computer.

The ceiling and walls are done, just need to be stained. I’ve picked a spot to hang my new porch sign. I’ve arranged and rearranged the deck furniture (which is presently in the back yard covered by a tarp) in my head, a gazillion times.

The AC is working, but we haven’t needed it, yet…

The town is full of tourists. The traffic is annoying but, in this economy, they’re more than welcome.

Moffett was in Richmond last week for a very short visit with relatives. He brought back one of my favorites, a cake from Ukrops. Oh, yum…

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9 Responses to Summertime!

  1. Connie says:

    Thanks for the lovely pictures of the Lady Slippers! Beautiful!.I had an AC just like yours put into my house in Claremont. I loved it!! So does the new owner. If I thought they’d let me put one in here I might just take the plunge. Thanks for keeping me posted.

  2. Marion says:

    Okay, Miss Colleen, you had better stop leaving comments and photos of the re-do … or your summer and porch will be filled with Guyots! Just a little warning ….
    Love, Marion

  3. Meg says:

    Did Marion say something about Guyot’s and a porch, we love porches it’s one of our many favorite things to do together! UUMMMMM!!!

  4. Ron Gheen says:

    Glad tgings are moving along. I renmember when we remodeled the house on Green Rd. The dust!

    Can’t wait to see the final results. Hope you guys are doing well

  5. Alice says:

    At least your dust brings a nice new room. The dust here means nothing but dust. The cake looks like those my grandma used to make. Yummy.

  6. james d barr says:

    Noticed a Mr. Slim unit in the pics. We have 2 at our lake house for the upper levels and love them!!! Broke my collar bone 3 weeks ago in a freak accident. This has put a damper on the spring to some degree.

  7. Mary-Ellen says:

    Hey, Guyots and Skinners! We have a porch too! We could do tandem summer NH to Cape Cod?
    Liz turns 60 in September…all she wants is to see her cousins again Wonder if we could make that happen? Cocktails, porches? What could be better?

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