The porch is done!

The porch is done!
It’s raining – it’s pouring – it’s cold – it’s really quite yucky.
And so, we can’t sit out there this weekend.
Oh well…

Yippee! Yahoo!

The new electric line is in.
Metrocast (our cable internet and soon… phone) is done.
Our telephone is done, although grudgingly, and guess what, we’re cancelling our land line because of it.

Fairpoint (telephone) came out to add their line to the conduit. They came a day late. He blocked our driveway from anyone coming in or out. He wanted us to dig a trench from the pole down on our neighbor’s driveway (big bucks). He would not guarantee splicing their line. That little box they usually put on your house so you can test your line? Well, that was going to go down on the pole near our neighbor’s driveway.  We did it the cheap way and had them just splice it at the box. The next Monday, I called Metrocast and added cable phone to our account. I don’t even have to call Fairpoint to cancel. They do that for you! The rep at Metrocast said that Fairpoint is their best advertiser for switching as people are just tired of them.

More decking arrived on Friday. I’m totally fascinated by the skill of the guy who does the delivery of stuff like that.

Some photos…
Oh, my camera is dying. I know, some of you might wish it would die. But, if you have suggestions for a new one, I’d love to get some advice!

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Today is Chris’ 35th birthday. Good grief!

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6 Responses to The porch is done!

  1. Meg says:

    wow! you really need a Guyot “new” porch party! It looks great! Congrats!

  2. It looks wonderful; perfect timing…’ll have many relaxing hours out on it without being eaten by bugs….it just doesn’t get better than that!!

  3. Donnie and gail says:


  4. james d barr says:

    Congratulations!!!!! Looks really nice. I know you are relieved that it is over.

  5. Alice says:

    That’s just great! It almost looks too good just to be a screen porch. (Beware the itch to keep fixing: We had a screened porch once; we soon added storm windows on the outside and began using it a little earlier and a little later in the seasons.) I know you’ll enjoy it. 🙂

  6. Sue says:

    everything is looking great….those are the biggest stones I ever saw. where will they go?

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