Getting Rid of Stuff

It’s time…

We need to do this…

We have too many books. We have tons of formal dining things. We have too much stuff.

What can I say? When living in Richmond, everyone subscribed to Southern Living!

We don’t have a clue what these keys belong to…

The bottom one, Complete Party Dinners for the Novice Cook was a wedding present…

As we don’t have a “lawn,” I think Lawn Care for Dummies can go.

We don’t need them.

There is a Goodwill in a nearby town so that’s where much of the stuff will go. Our local recycling center (aka, the dump) has a room (often referred to as “the gift shop”) where you can drop off stuff that you think others could use. There are a couple of consignment shops, also.

The clothing is next…  Probably won’t take photos of the clothes…

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8 Responses to Getting Rid of Stuff

  1. Rachel says:

    hahaha, the stuffed cougar has such different meaning now.

  2. Betsy says:

    Come on now, we all want to see
    some of those cute outfits you’re
    getting rid of! 🙂

  3. Meg says:

    we’re doing it too!!! feels so good to bring things to Goodwill!! just have to get Robert motivated and things start moving towards the dumpsters, its a happy day!!! if I haven’t seen it or used it a year its gone, when I buy something new something has to leave, its a win situation.

  4. Russ Raymoure says:

    Awe cripe, Colleen. Now you did it. Didn’t you know Carole is a cook book junkie? She’ll probably be eyeing your surplus items and trying to figure out how to get them here. Aside from a mountain of cook books we could start a branch office of the district library, so please, under only dire circumstances allow Carole to talk you into mailing anything to her. With luck she won’t see this issure of your meanderings and I’ll have dodged another bullett. ;-}

  5. Alice says:

    Glad I don’t live near you–I’d beg to look at those cookbooks first! And I think you SHOULD take pictures of the clothes. Pair each with a photo of you with the hairstyle you wore with them. 😀

  6. Oh Colleen, I’ve been getting rid of stuff for the past 2 years and haven’t made a dent. I still have that large box of “mystery cords and cables” – never, know, might need one one day. However, now, as soon as I get anything with a cord I immediately mark what it belongs to.
    Before I got sick I had just ordered 36 pairs of NoNonsense pantyhose to wear to work – cheaper in bulk. I gave 34 of them to the S Army and they were tickled pink.
    Next to go will be the knitting magazines. If I were to return to knitting at some point, I can get most any pattern free online.
    And then there’s the jars with no covers. And the two big files boxes of magazine articles that I’m going to read.
    And the purses – no I will not part with any of them!
    And the collection of books on living simply………….

  7. That is so weired – WordPress automatically created a link for magazine articles.

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