The July Update and Photos

And, the construction goes on, and on, and on. Good thing we like these guys! (Our contractor reads this, what else am I going to say?!) Seriously, the team working here is a truly talented and nice bunch of people.

We are absolutely, positively really, really enjoying the screen porch. It’s awesome.

The deck is just about done but – the siding is still to be done so we haven’t moved any/much furniture out there, yet.

I have no garden, no plants; and I really miss being able to work in the yard. I even, sort of…, miss weeding. Don’t quote me!

We’ve had some warm days but nothing like the rest of the country. We have used the AC but, now all of the new screens and storm doors are on so we’ve been able to open up the house more than before.

To those who claimed a few of the cookbooks, they’re still sitting on a shelf. I’ll get around to mailing them soon. One of the construction guys took all of the Southern Living cookbooks for his wife. Hope she doesn’t hate me. He brings us fresh eggs from his chickens each week. They’re yummy!

And now, they’re painting. I hate choosing paint. Moffett’s been the go to the paint store guy and bring home the samples. He’s done a great job.

We’re also going to re-carpet the entire place. It’s time. The carpet’s been here since the house was built in 1984 and – it looks it. We have a cute young lady from a local decorating place working with us. Regrettably, she has “retired” to stay home with her young children. BUT – love living in a small town – she is the wife of our mechanic and so, she said she’ll still work with us, as a friend. She’s given us some great advice and we love working with her.

So – some photos…

About the bathroom photo. Many, many years ago, my Aunt Ruthie got a new bathroom. We lived far away but she sent pictures of her new bathroom. She even had a ribbon cutting for her new bathroom. Many, many years later, Mom and Dad redid their bathroom at the house on the lake and we were there. Worst part – Kyle had just been toilet trained and the damn toilet was sitting in the hallway. I lived in fear that he’d use it. He didn’t. But, we bought ribbon and somewhere… there are photos of Mom “cutting” the ribbon to her new bathroom. I don’t think Moffett will buy me a ribbon…

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8 Responses to The July Update and Photos

  1. Chrissykat says:

    Oh but SO close! It really-truly-honestly is just wonderful!!!! The ribbon story is hilarious…I’m sending you a ribbon! ❤

  2. Meredith says:

    I am proud to say I was an attendee of the ribbon cutting. I have a photo of my parents, with several of the aunt and uncles standing in the new bathtub, glasses in hand (no not eyeglasses) toasting the big event. It was a life changing event for me. I must have been 10 at the time and thought…I hope I can grow up to have as much fun as all of these people! To celebrate new toilets like some celebrate weddings!!! This is the only way to live!

  3. Kay Dennison says:

    Wow!!!! This is is awesome!!!!! Are we seeing the light at the end of the tunnel?

  4. Meg says:

    oh come on after all you’ve been through you deserve a ribbon!!

  5. Johnny Leggett says:

    Your home looks great. I am going to come to NH one day. Seeya

  6. Mary-Ellen Split says:

    I am the daughter of Aunt Ruthie of the Bathtub…they waited until I went away to college to finally upgrade the thing! yes I wish I could find the pix! There they all were with champagne, Aunt Mag uncle Gene, neighbors etc.
    Cousin Mary-Ellen

  7. Alice says:

    I especially like that blue color of the new bathroom. New baths are the best! This place looks so fab you’re both going to need to retire and enjoy it fulltime!

  8. Barbara Morrill says:

    You know how often I get into the computer! Well, today is the day and got to look at all the pics. It truly looks great, especially the porch. If you miss weeding so much,pleeeeeeeeeeease come to my gardens and weed to your heart’s content, Wanda

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