I hate to shop!

I really hate to shop! I wasn’t always like this but now, I am.

Some of it has to do with the fact that the nearest shopping for clothes or household items is about an hour away. Unless I want to go to Wal-Mart…

But today, we hit the road and went to Concord, with a long list of stops on the way and stuff to look for.

First stop – Vacman & Bobbin. They’re a local vacuum and sewing machine repair place. Moffett found them shortly after we moved here. He had dropped off the old Kenmore vac last week, (purchased in 1989 or so…) to see if it was worth fixing up. It’s not. It’s still usable but doesn’t do a really great job. We’ll keep it in the downstairs guest room so I won’t have to lug the other one up and down the stairs once a week. (I have a friend and former neighbor who used to vacuum every day. I continue to be awed that we could be/still are friends.) While vacuuming yesterday, the newer Kenmore started making a terrible noise. The guy at the shop took a quick look and said the belt part is full of sand. So we left that there to be cleaned up. We also left the central vac piece that’s not working. Well – he took one look and said the belt isn’t attached – duh…  The central vac came with the house, so it’s old, too. So they’ll work on that one, too. What the h… am I doing with three vacuums??? I don’t like to vacuum, either.

Next stop – a lighting store in Concord. We need to replace three hanging lights, one in the dining room and two in the kitchen. Like everything else, they’re old (yes, we’re getting older, also…) but more importantly, we just don’t get much light from them. One of the major (read expensive) things we’re doing during this house redo is adding tons more lighting . We’ve fallen in love with LEDs. We’ve added more spotlights outside (better to see the wild things at night… and watch the snow). Also better for evening visitors who have to traipse down our driveway to find their car (unless they’re a favorite cousin who forgot to set his brake and his car ended up at the bottom of the driveway in a ditch).

The lighting store was fascinating and regrettably we did find something that might work for all three lights. They’re not cheap – we’ll keep looking and check out the big box stores. We do have a Lowes sort of close and Home Depot a little farther away.

On our list is a new bedspread for our room. I ordered one last week online, and then got a note a few days later saying our money was being refunded as it was out of stock. Just my luck. A stop at Bed, Bath and Beyond solved that issue! (There was one scary moment, Moffett really liked a navy blue/green plaid comforter in the college dorm section… egad! I thought he was kidding…) So now, we can finally determine a paint color for the bedroom!

Next – we dropped off a humongous box of STUFF at Goodwill in Concord. If anyone recalls Moffett’s framed “art” of a semi-naked girl, it’s gone.

Then we headed home, in the rain.

The laundry room floor was done on Friday. It looks great. The washer and dryer are still sitting on the back deck. Yes, in the rain…

Are we having fun yet?

Oh – ordered a cushion from Plow & Hearth for the chaise on the porch. It’s not as comfy as the chaise Moffett’s Aunt Felicia had on her porch (that was way awesome, ugly, but soooo comfy), but it’ll do for summer naps on the porch. There’s a pillow that’s waiting for us at the post office.

And – my porch sign is up. I love it!

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7 Responses to I hate to shop!

  1. Kyle says:

    What framed art?

  2. Chris says:

    Yeah, what framed “art”? How could I have missed finding that one growing up?

  3. Russ Raymoure says:

    Yah, what framed art? Moffett could have auctioned it off and paid for that green plaid comforter. It sounds like you guys are really getting close. It sounds great.

  4. Meg says:

    shopping not my thing either, expecially food shopping, but I love Lowes, bought three new hanging lamps, two for the kitchen, one chandelier for the dining room. Love new light, I’m ready to re-do our den, its way outdated, actually ready to get rid of it all and start all over, after 35 years together we need new surroundings! Any suggestions?

  5. Cal says:

    Too bad I’m not there. I love to shop…especially with someone else’s money.

  6. Alice says:

    I feel exactly the same way about shopping now! Luckily online shopping works well for me, so far, except for shoes. Every pair can fit and feel so different that with my ornery feet I have to feel/walk in a pair before I buy. I DO LOVE that porch sign myself, and I’m thinking I may have to order one for a Christmas gift this year–and maybe one for myself–even though I’m sure they’re expensive (for what they are I mean). Everything looks marvelous. Are you going to start on the two of you next? New hairstyle, hire an image consultant, etc., so you’ll match your cool new house? (Just kidding, you both look great just the way you are.)

  7. Gab Roberts says:

    Why would you vacuum the guest room once a week? I vacuum when company is coming through the door! I love trhe laundry room tile-we have the same tile in our powder room!! Seems like progress, but as the Pope said to Michelangelo “when will you be done” or words to that effect!!! Leavig for Dover Monday to get away from the phone and my neighbors who have a new problem everyday-latest one is somehow it’s my fault that the FHA is denying mortgages to condos in our neighborhood! I’m such an idiot I’m trying to do something about it-soooo fun dealing with HUD-anyway, I’m going to gamble away all my problems!!! Talk soon!!

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