Are we there yet?

The short answer… NO!

But we’re getting closer and closer…

Last week we celebrated our 38th wedding anniversary. We were going to go out, because that’s what you do, right? But, since we’re spending money like water here on the redo of the house, we decided we’d rather buy new towel rods and toilet paper holders, than go out. We’re such romantics…

Speaking of romance… Last night we sat on the porch waiting anxiously for it to be dark. No, not that… The deck post lights were finally working and we were waiting to see how they looked. They’re gorgeous!

On Monday, I arrived home after work to see that the excavator had sunk into the ground in the yard. Jeff, one of the builder guys and the excavator operator, was not happy. The hole was muddy and filling with water (we had a lot of rain on Sunday night) as the excavator continued to sink. Our neighbor also had an excavator in his yard and said he’d send his guy over in the morning. (I have NEVER lived anywhere where two neighbors have excavators parked in the yard.) Tuesday morning, the excavator was pulled/sucked out of the muddy hole.

Sunday night the power went out! The generator worked! The power was out for about an hour and a half while a huge rain storm did its thing. We still have to reset clocks, answering machines, etc… but only when it goes out. When the power is restored, no resetting! (Thank God we don’t have a VCR any more. I learned from Erma (Bombeck) to just put a piece of masking tape over the VCR clock.)

I’ve lost just about everything I’ve planted in the last 14 years. OMG, neither of us has ever lived in one house for 14 years. Anyway, the daffodils are gone, the forsythia is gone, my small garden at the top of the driveway is gone. One lilac is still alive, so far… I’ve been looking at wildflower seeds and found what I think I want to use at Vermont Wildflowers. It’ll take time but I can wait.

Moffett says if we’re going to the Poor House, at least we’re going in style…


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8 Responses to Are we there yet?

  1. Meg says:

    Its looking really good! Love the porch floor! The flowers will come back in time, I’d throw a bunch of wildflower seed to the wind & see what happens. Nature is a powerful thing & flowers seem to come back no matter what except in Vegas where $ of dollars worh of rose bushes just burned up!

  2. Ron Gheen says:

    I didn’t think you could kill forsythia!!?? I can give you some columbine, when do you want to schedule your visit to Culpeper? Becky

  3. Just gorgeous, Colleen.

  4. Russ R. says:

    Looking good! Well, maybe not the excavator so much, but the rest of the project. Neat night lighting.

  5. Chuck says:

    When do you plan to hang the VACANCY sign out?

  6. Your home looks to be a completely new home and very lovely at that. May you have many, many, years of health and happiness in it!!!

  7. Connie says:

    I thought the shot of the deck with the lights on was some huge place I didn’t know. You guys are really doing this thing right. Good for you!

  8. Alice says:

    “Going out” lasts a few hours, the towel rods/toilet paper holder will be there for a long time. Hubby and I have done the same sort of thing! Coming from Florida I know something about the soil sinking and swallowing whole houses, but I’ve never seen an excavator stuck in a front yard, but Moffett was right–you’re going in style! 😀 (Betcha like staying home a lot more now, don’t you?!)

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