This week at the old homestead…

Some notes…

  • I have a couple of scabs on my face following a dermatologist appointment.
  • The upstairs guest bedroom is painted.
  • The carpeting for the downstairs guest bedroom will be installed on Wednesday.
  • They’re painting our bedroom this week so it needs to be emptied.
  • The landscaping work has started.
  • Two sides of the house have siding.
  • Moving out of our bedroom is a total pain.
  • We have several boxes of clothing and stuff for Goodwill.
  • The weather is wonderful!
  • Lunch on the porch with the Sunday paper is delightful (even if it’s just the Union Leader). I like reading papers online but – love the old days on dad’s deck with the NYT spread out all over the place as everyone grabbed a section.
  • The carpeting for the rest of the house is scheduled for mid September. The plan is to do it on a non rainy day(s), cover the deck, put the furniture out there and get the stuff installed. Couldn’t have done that on the old deck…
  • End of list. Some photos below!

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4 Responses to This week at the old homestead…

  1. James D. Barr says:

    Almost there, we will celebrate on your behalf when you give us the word. Love the rock wall. Keep the faith!

  2. Vickie Carty says:

    It’s looking great!

  3. Ron Gheen says:

    Would it have been easier to just build a new house??? Becky

  4. I love lunch on the porch with the paper too. There’s nothing like the real thing.

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