A Virginia Visit!

We spent a week in Virginia last week and it was simply wonderful to spend some time with relatives and friends we haven’t seen in awhile. If we didn’t see you, understand that we just didn’t have the time to see everyone we wish we could see…, as much as we’d like to.

We left here on Friday – after successfully getting an antique cradle into the car. It wasn’t easy. We almost divorced. Leg room for the front passenger seat was non-existent.

The cradle is from the Skinner side of the family and it’s beautiful. It’s also huge and takes up space. Space we’ve decided we don’t have. We downsized once when we moved here and now, we’re doing it again. Yes, we are one of those families with too much stuff. Talked to our sons, and they have no interest in the cradle so we contacted another family member to see if her daughter might be interested. Her reply, “She would treasure it.” That was just what we needed to hear!

We were able to spend time (in Front Royal) with Moffett’s cousin, Dick, who’s had some health issues and is currently in a fantastic rehab center. We also spent time with his Aunt Louisa (in Leesburg) who will be 90 next month. She’s really quite amazing. Still lives in her own home and is a fun lady to visit.

Next, we spent one night in Richmond with old friends, the Barrs, and were able to meet other friends, the Roberts, at a favorite restaurant for lunch. And… had a quick visit with Moffett’s cousin and her husband at their office.

Finally – off to Franklin, VA to stay with the Bradshaws and finally get to eat at their son’s new restaurant in Suffolk, VA. The restaurant is Harper’s Table and we had a fantastic meal along with lots of fun. And, even better, the next night our friends, the Cobbs, drove over just for the evening so they could see us. They had to get up at the crack of dawn the next morning so Sue could get to work.

We’re back home, back at work. The trees are starting to look like Autumn and it’s beautiful. Leaf peeper buses are beginning to show up.

This morning’s sunrise was really pretty.

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4 Responses to A Virginia Visit!

  1. Looks like a great time. If I had that cradle, and were still knitting, I’d use it to display a variety of yarns……..sigh

  2. James D. Barr says:

    Colleen I think you need a new camera. Some of us look a lot older in your pics than we really are.

  3. Sandy says:

    Looks like you both had a wonderful time…wonderful family and friends….and a very beautiful
    cradle…wish I was young and expecting…..I think….

  4. james d barr says:

    Great to see you both and have a good visit. Come back any time and good luck with rest of you redo of the house. Moffett you look alot like your cousin—- for sure. Love you both and love to the boys.

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