The mattress

This morning, Moffett mentioned that a local furniture store was having a mattress sale. Big mistake.
(Ranks right up there with that day last fall when we talked to a contractor about fixing our deck and I said, “Oh, let’s put on a screened porch.”)

We need a new mattress & box springs. Ours is old and lumpy and way, way past the time that we should have replaced it.

We bought some new sheets for our bed a couple of weeks ago and the fitted sheet doesn’t fit so well on our old mattress. It’s too big. The sheet, not the mattress.

I went online to see what kind of reviews I could find about mattresses. I am fully aware that most people are quick to post negative reviews and kinda lazy about posting good stuff but – boy, there are a lot of unhappy mattress purchasers out there!

Back when I bought our present mattress, there was no internet. (See, I told you it’s time…)

When I bought our present mattress, I’d ordered a mattress and box springs from Sears. Practically everything else we owned was from Sears, so why not. On delivery day, we’d moved our old double bed to Chris’s room. I vacuumed the rug in our room. I had new sheets for our new king size bed. Then – Sears called to say they didn’t have our mattress and it would be at least a week before we’d get it. I wasn’t happy.

Drove over to a local mattress store. Bought a new one there and they delivered it that night. Cancelled the Sears order.

Today, we were in Concord to get some other stuff done when we drove by a mattress store. I said, “Let’s stop in here.” (At which time I promptly drove in the DO NOT ENTER driveway.)

It’s a big mattress chain and they know their stuff. We ended up on their “computerized bed” that analyzed our bodies and gave us a code for what we need. (Wish it was that easy…) Yeah, right. In any case, the sales guy (cute young man) led us over to a bed, even brought over a pillow, and told us to try it.
I loved it.

I had told the salesman (Rory – who is Chris’ age) that we like the beds at Hampton Inns. So he showed us one of those.

I still liked the first one.

Then he showed us, just for fun, the $9,000 set. People buy $9,000 mattresses??? I tried it. I didn’t like it. (Thank God!)

We bought the first one. It’ll be delivered next week. Moffett got them to give us the mattress pad and frame at no cost.

Don’t ask me about the pillows…

Landscaping continues… The new septic tank is installed…

The house today…


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3 Responses to The mattress

  1. Kyle says:

    I should have been consulted.

  2. Colleen, I sleep on a futon on a raised frame, so it looks like a regular bed. Because of the “stuffing”, it has to be flipped and rotated every month. It is an enormous job for one person – very cumbersome and uncooperative. But it did get me out of a date a few years ago – “sorry, I have to stay home and flip my futon….”
    The house looks gorgeous.

  3. Alice says:

    It sure is easy to get mattress fever, especially if it’s been awhile since you last purchased one. We went into a sleep store to look for a new pillow for me; wound up gung ho on the new sleep number one that costs about $9,000. I think we’ll do with the Temperpedic we bought about 15 years ago.

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