Scanning photos

While moving stuff back to where it belongs, or finding new places for some of our stuff, I moved some of our Desmond family photo albums.

And of course, I sat and looked at some of the old photos.

And, decided to scan some of them. They’re from 1955 or so, when we lived in Japan.

First day of kindergarten.

Shoes off!

I think I’m easy to spot in the kindergarten class photo!

Sure was a very long time ago…

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3 Responses to Scanning photos

  1. Love the clothes. My scanner, that I got for Xmas last year, hasn’t even been taken out of the box yet…..

  2. says:

    Aren’t family albums great?


  3. Marion says:

    I love them all, of course … the street scene should be printed and framed. It’s simply wonderful.

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