We’re nuts!

If I’d known I’d be living with a construction crew for almost a year, I might not have so cheerily said, “Let’s add a screen porch.” last summer!

We spent a delightful week in Kansas with the boys!

They prepared the Thanksgiving dinner and it was delicious! The only thing I did was the sweet potato muffins. We did not help with clean up. It was nice!

Moffett got to go to two Chiefs games. They lost both but he had a great time with Kyle and Chris.

Meeting up with friends was wonderful! Well, except for the lunch where we went to the wrong restaurant. Duh…

The upstairs bathrooms were refloored while we were gone. One new toilet has been installed (with some minor glitches but it’s done). One more new toilet will be installed on Monday (with some major glitches but it will be done).

The new rock wall next to the driveway continues to be worked on and will hopefully be done before too much snow falls…

My car had to get two new tires today…

Both sons will be here for Christmas!

Some photos…

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5 Responses to We’re nuts!

  1. No Colleen, I never thought you were nuts, just that you were taking on an enormous project. But now it’s done.
    I love your header. A couple of weeks ago I got a call from the ops manager in my former office saying she had a bunch of my stuff she needed to send to me. They arrive in 3 of the hugest packing boxes and my resident manager carried it upstairs for me. I had forgotten, but I was the official Christmas decorator. We’d get a lot of really nice stuff from mutual fund wholesalers, money mangers, etc. So now what am I gonna do with giant ceramic snowmen, glittery reindeer and pine tree cookie jars? I am taking them to Goodwill where someone else in need can have a bit of Christmas cheer. PS, of course, my favorite up there is the loon!!!

  2. Alice says:

    New toilets! That’s what we need. I think one like those in our new community center where the automatic flusher does the proper flush for maximum efficiency with less water based on the amount of time pressure is applied to the toilet seat. That way we wouldn’t have any surprises after the grandchildren visit after spending time here. Are you all decorated for the holidays?

  3. Jennifer Stevens says:

    Great pics Colleen! Thanks for sharing:) I love reading your updates. You make me laugh! 😉

  4. Gail Dobbs says:

    Hi Colleen, Thanks for sharing the pictures. Love looking at them. We spent Thanksgiving with Amy, Gil, Owen, Noah, Becky, Josh, (Fletcher), Donald and Emma at Amy’s in SC, but no pictures, sorry. Cynthia is working and couldn’t come, and Campbell is in New York,
    but we had a wonderful time. Hope to see your ” new house” one day. Miss you guys.

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