It’s January – already?

So what happened to December?

We’re done with the renovation! Well, except for some landscaping in the spring, which is why the excavator is parked in our front yard…

But – we’re done, we’re done!

And it’s awesome.

Now… we have to put all the stuff away. And get rid of more stuff. And throw out more stuff. I still can’t park in the garage and that’s not a good thing. But we’ll get there.

I’m trying to sell the piano. Anyone want to buy a piano?

The last chore was getting the wood floors in the kitchen and the “porch” refinished. The contractor’s guys helped with hanging plastic and moving the fridge and the stove. We lived with no kitchen for four days – just before Christmas. It wasn’t fun. But the floors look wonderful.

We got the tree up that weekend – sort of decorated it (it’s pre-lit, thank God). Chris and Kyle arrived on Christmas Eve and the holiday was begun!

Loved having both of the sons here. They’re fun and you know, we like them!

Chris was able to get tickets to the Redskins/Dallas game in DC. So, all three guys left on a very snowy morning for the airport. Chris and Moffett went to DC. Kyle went back to KC. The Redskins won! Moffett last saw Redskins and Dallas in 1979, in Dallas, with Jim Barr, a Dallas fan… Redskins lost. Moffett had a great time and arrived home for New Year’s (which of course, we slept through).

We sort of miss the building guys. We’ve had them around since last December.

We don’t miss the noise, the trucks parked in the driveway and – the bills.

Ice was doing great on the lake earlier – but not so great this week. So, as much as I hate to say it, it needs to be colder. There’s Pond Hockey and the Ice Fishing Derby coming up and… they need ice. I saw today that it’s supposed to be 77 degrees in Richmond tomorrow. Good grief!

Some photos!

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6 Responses to It’s January – already?

  1. Gail says:

    Great pictures!!! We had 9 here for 9 days this Christmas and had a wonderful time even though four of us were sick part of the time. Donnie and I just made plane reservations for Matthew Scheller’s wedding in April. Are you’ll planning on going? We got a great price on Virgin American. Hope you are going. Would be wonderful to see you both.

  2. james d barr says:

    Finished at last. What a relief——–congratulations!!!! I am still brooding over the lastest Cowboys/redskins game but glad Moffett enjoyed it.

  3. Alice says:

    Everything looks great! Especially you and the family. (I didn’t know you could get “pre-lit” Christmas trees. I’ll have to look for one when/if I decide the replace the old getting-awfully-tired looking old one!) I’m still busy getting everything back in order from our re-painting (main rooms in the house) experience last week. It was like moving all over again! But things look clean and smart, and it was all worth it–just like you’re saying! I’d send you some ice if I could. 😉

  4. Kay Dennison says:

    As always, great photos, And yeah, time keeps flying by!!!

  5. Beautiful pictures Colleen. Now All you need is a pet – ow ’bout a little bear?.

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