The Weekend

Yes, we had a whole lot of snow. Officially, the weather people said 14.5 inches. Unofficially, our plow guy said he thought we had about 19 inches. It was pretty windy and we actually had a few spots on the deck that were bare on Friday night. But they filled in nicely as it continued to snow on Saturday.

No, it’s not all shovelled away yet.

Some of you actually wrote and said you were looking forward to some photos of our snow. Silly people!

They’re on a slide show – on YouTube.

Here they are!

And – a friend’s sister, who lives up here, posted this one. It’s fun to watch!

And the generator – – –
Didn’t work during a power issue on Wednesday, so they were here on Friday. Turns out that whoever fixed it last, shut it off… It’s working now but we didn’t need it. Yippee!

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4 Responses to The Weekend

  1. Ron Gheen says:

    It was so pretty! Better you than us, though we would like one decent snow for the children to play in! Send photos of the snowman family you can build with all that snow! 🙂

  2. Sue says:

    love the video..shows off your beautiful new deck!! it is gorgeous and I know you will really enjoy it! snow very impressive….wish we could get just one!!

  3. Alice says:

    So long Nemo! You were beautiful, but a little of you goes a long way! Hey Colleen, the video was really nice. What a winter?! We got assaulted again this weekend too–a really heavy snow this time, about a foot. We’d barely gotten the ice cleared away from the earlier one. I guess we all suffer together, but glad we’re all still able to enjoy the niceties of it. (Those kids are cute in your friend’s sister’s video.)

  4. Mary-Ellen Split says:

    we also had about 18 inches in Bourne Cape Cod
    and lost power until Sunday night…thanks to the
    gas fireplace we maintained 54 degrees but it was
    freezing! Our son Brian in Plymouth is still without so he is with us!

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