It wasn’t the vent pipe

We’ve had a smelly house for a couple of weeks. Yes, it stunk.

The plumber came. He cleared snow from the vent pipe.
It worked, that day.
It still stunk.
The plumber came again. He installed some sort of air thing under the sink in the bathroom.
It didn’t work. The air thing was defective. (story of our life…)

The plumber came this past week.
He pulled out the toilet in the bathroom.
AND – the ring thing was cracked/broken/whatever and so that was the source of the stink.
Our plumber is a friend. He and his wife came to dad’s funeral Mass in 2009. Love this small town stuff!

The house doesn’t stink any more.

Kyle survived Q in Kansas City. He mentioned his white knuckles while driving to work on Thursday. He got home safely and for that, we are grateful.

It’s supposed to snow tomorrow night.

Is it Spring, yet?

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3 Responses to It wasn’t the vent pipe

  1. I’m glad they found the problem. And Thursday was nasty-nasty-nasty — been hearing stories all day!

  2. Russ R. says:

    No. Not for another 21 days, 7 hours, 18 minutes, but who’s counting

  3. Alice says:

    What a descriptive word that is! S t i n k. Glad your house doesn’t now. It’s always somthing, right?
    More snow is heading our way today too. It’s very cloudy out there and foreboding. Maybe we should start an online betting option on who’ll get the most snow this year, N.H. or Utah? (YOU can have it!) 😀 No, please, I insist.

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