Yup – More Snow!

Snowed again this week…

Our new screen porch looked like a scene from Dr. Zhivago with snow drifting over and around the porch furniture.

Shoveling (not that I did it…) a screen porch isn’t easy. Moffett had to open the doors to push the snow out of the porch and onto the deck.

The power stayed on. Well, of course it did. The generator is working now.

We are off to California next month for a wedding in Monterey and some California sunshine.  It’s sunny here today but in the 30’s. The groom is the son of former neighbors in Richmond so we’re looking forward to seeing good friends!

Skip the photos if you’re tired of all my snow photos. I know I am…

2013-03-19 027

2013-03-20 0062013-03-21 001

 2013-03-20 003

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1 Response to Yup – More Snow!

  1. Alice says:

    Bummer! We got more snow this weekend too. Luckily it isn’t sticking to the driveway. Hubby had shoulder surgery week before last so he can’t shovel; daughter and family are in Europe this week. I forgot to sweep the snow off the steps to our front balcony and because it’s in a shadier spot, there’s a little snow/ice-melt there I’ll have to scrape off tomorrow. I’m sick of snow, too. Where can we move to for January and February next year. I’ve had it UP TO HERE! Have fun in California. I know I would. 😀

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