California – ready to go back…???

We spent ten warm, sunny days in California.

It snowed here yesterday.

A few months ago, we got a “Save the Date” from the son of former Richmond neighbors. The wedding was in Monterey and Moffett foolishly (sort of) said, “Let’s go!” So we did.

We flew out of Boston on April 1st. The Manchester, NH airport is closer but – you have to fly somewhere else before flying to just about anywhere. So – got up early, drove to Concord, and took a bus to Logan.

Arrived in San Francisco, rented a car and drove north across the very foggy Golden Gate Bridge. We had no reservations. We just hoped we’d find someplace to stay that night. We ended up in Sonoma and had an awesome dinner at a local restaurant. We really liked viewing all the vineyards as we drove around.

2013-04-01 009 (480x640)

Next day we headed for Garberville, CA. My cousin, Jo, and her husband, Stan, live up there and that’s the “entry” to the Redwoods. Through the magic of the internet, Jo and I have been in touch for several years but, we haven’t seen each other for almost 60 years. Yes, I said almost 60. We had a grand dinner with them – after we survived the drive up to their house. OMG – our driveway/road is absolutely nothing, nothing, nothing compared to driving up the side of their mountain. Jeez! Driving down was even scarier but Jo and Stan led us down with their car.

2013-04-02 001 (640x480) 2013-04-03 017 (640x480) 2013-04-03 013 (640x480) 2013-04-03 010 (640x480) 2013-04-03 009 (640x480) 2013-04-02 012 (640x480) 2013-04-02 010 (480x640) 2013-04-02 005 (640x480) 2013-04-02 003 (640x480)

The Redwoods – were – better than expected. Beautiful, huge, amazing – and older than me!

Then we were off to Monterey for the wedding. Which was beautiful. And fun. And we really enjoyed spending time with our 70’s neighbors from Richmond. We had time to explore Monterey and eat!

2013-04-05 014 (640x480) 2013-04-05 016 (640x480) 2013-04-05 021 (640x480) 2013-04-05 023 (640x480) 2013-04-06 017 (640x480) 2013-04-05 008 (640x480) 2013-04-05 012 (480x640)

Our final stop was San Francisco. We got to stay right downtown, just off Union Square, courtesy of Chris’s Marriott points. It was fun. We did lots and lots of walking around. And a whole lot of cab rides. We went to an Apple Store for the first time. We spent an hour at Williams Sonoma. We ate too much sourdough bread.

2013-04-07 010 (640x480) 2013-04-08 002 (640x480) 2013-04-08 003 (640x480) 2013-04-08 010 (640x480) 2013-04-09 024 (640x480) 2013-04-09 029 (640x480)

Now we’re back. The weather yesterday was atrocious – ice pellets, rain and snow. I have high hopes for spring to show up sometime soon. If it doesn’t, I’m going back to California!

2013-04-10 001 (480x640) 2013-04-12 003 (600x800) (480x640)

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8 Responses to California – ready to go back…???

  1. Meg says:

    sounds like fun, we love the redwoods and the surrounding area, spent a lot of time in No Calid when we were camping, one of my favorite places! Can’t wait to see you all!

  2. Mary-Ellen Split says:

    what a nice trip sounds great!
    cheer up Spring will come
    and will be well worth the wait!

  3. Ron Gheen says:

    Sounds like a great trip! We have spring but……….we are still in school!! I am getting too old to do this job! Hope to see you soon. Becky

  4. Harriet Cutting says:

    I relived the moments! That’s where I visit. My friends live in Santa Rosa and we travel the area, including the Redwoods, Monterey,, many wineries, and Napa Valley.
    San Francisco is fun and colder than I expected. Don’t you love the topiary trees (crab behind the woman playing the keyboard. Did you take a cable car?

  5. james d barr says:

    So glad you made the trip. Some of those trips down memory lane are the best. Finally got warm in Va. at last. One question. why were you drinking beer and not wine???

  6. Barbara Morrill says:

    Glad you had a great time. Muir Woods spectacular & lots to see in San Fran–wouild love to back myself. Barb

  7. Diana Spriggs says:

    I’m reading your blog in the San Francisco airport. We’ve been out here a week. Have some of the same pictures of the redwoods!! Don is heading home to stormy weather in KC. I’m going on down to San Diego for a week. Too hard to leave this beautiful weather!!

  8. Wanda says:

    Sounds like a great trip!! I went there back in 1970. My cousins lived in Petaluma. Did winery tours and saw redwoods. I was there a week before Labor Day & had to go downtown and buy wool pants & a jacket. I thought California meant “warm”. I was really wrong on that. Went to the beach one day. Put one toe in the ocean & ran back to my beach towel & wrapped up. I guess compared to New Hampshire it did seem warm! The scenery was beautiful!

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