Some spring photos

The motorcycles are here! We can even hear them from our house. The sound just sort of echoes across the lake.

Hope they all have a grand time. Hope they stay safe. Hope they spend lots of money in our local stores.

We’ve spent the afternoon hosing pollen off the porch. It’s yellow and goopy and gunky.

Some photos:

2013-05-31 002

Our loon now hangs in the office porch

2013-05-31 003

This is now on the screen porch

2013-05-31 004

I bought this in Panama the Christmas before we were married. It’s on the screen porch

2013-05-31 005

This is also from Panama

2013-05-31 006

A gift from Kevin. The amusing thing is that it says not to hang it outside??? I did anyway.

2013-05-31 008

A Nags Head gift from Kristen

2013-05-31 009

Woo Hoo! Tomato blossoms!!

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2 Responses to Some spring photos

  1. Meg says:

    Can’t wait, hope we’re the ones that you like to see coming!!!

  2. Alice says:

    You risk keeping your guests outside reading all those amusement points. Just kidding! My fav is the tomato blooms! That means you’ll be eating home growns early August, I expect. I gave up on tomatoes in our rocky garden. They start producing red fruit by September’s end, just in time for Halloween frost and plenty of green tomatoes.

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