Company’s Coming!

Company is coming and I hope the rain stops before their arrival this week.

This weekend, Chuck and Betsy Bradshaw are arriving from Virginia. Thankfully, these are friends who do not require a spotless, Martha Stewart experience while here. In fact, I’m planning on Betsy’s help getting some of the pictures hung on the walls. Most are still in boxes…

Moffett met Chuck at University of Richmond. I met them both in 1973. Betsy and I became instant friends as soon as we found out we were both teaching/studying Special Education.

And we’ve been friends ever since then.

The next weekend, my cousin, Meg Guyot Brown and her husband, Robert, will be here. They live in Las Vegas where the temps are in the 100’s this week. I don’t think rain will bother them at all.

Everything’s green up here in the woods. It has rained and rained, and then rained some more. There are more small green tomatoes showing up on my three plants. So far, (knock on wood) no critters have eaten them. The wildflower plot next to the driveway is blossoming and looks pretty. Moffett’s cut the grass (we don’t refer to it as a “lawn”) and it looks pretty good. The pots on the deck with geraniums and petunias are a little water-logged right now but I have hope that some sunshine will help them.

2013-06-01 014

2013-06-29 002

2013-06-29 008

2013-06-29 006 2013-06-29 005 2013-06-29 003 2013-06-17 001

We saw Willie Nelson and the Charlie Daniels Band earlier this month. It was a fun concert at an outdoor place near us. I thought we’d be the oldest couple there. We weren’t…

2013-06-14 001 2013-06-14 004 2013-06-14 017

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5 Responses to Company’s Coming!

  1. Ron Gheen says:

    Good to hear from you. Sounds like life is good. We are winding up a week babysitting Ryleigh while Will and Alisabeth went to Abu Dhabi to visit her brother. Gran and Paw Paw are very tired! 🙂 We head to Lynchburg for the 4th to celebrate Ryan;s birthday and stay for the rest of the week to take care of Ryan while Shelli is in school. Enjoy your company!
    Ron and Becky

  2. Jane Gregoire says:

    Absolutely love your pictures – looks just like it does in real life!

  3. Alice says:

    No, I don’t think your cousins will mind the rain at all; when I lived in Las Vegas I CRAVED rain! Is that a lake I see in the distance in that photo with the deck portion?

  4. Gail says:

    Have a wonderful time with Chuck and Betsy! Your deck is beautiful!

  5. Wanda says:

    Great pics as usual! Rain & more rain here, too, plus lower temps. Bob opened the pool in the middle of May. I didn’t get to swim until late June between the rain(unbalancing the water) and cool temps overnight lowering the water temp. Finally, warming up and drying out after the 4th.
    Bob starts his summer concert schedule on Sunday. They played a special concert last week for the 50th anniversary of the city of Virginia Beach.
    Loved your deck flowers! I haven’t even gotten any yet. I can’t believe the pansies from last fall are still hanging in.
    Enjoy your company!

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