The Dalton Cousins

My mom was Elizabeth Jane Dalton before she married my dad. She had 3 sisters and 1 brother and they lived in Attleboro, Massachusetts.

As an Army family, we grew up all over the world, but always returned to Attleboro to visit the aunts, uncles and cousins.

Those visits were always, always tons of fun and created some wonderful memories.

Group with Nana DaltonThe photo above is from 1953 or 54. I’m second from the right in the first row.

This past weekend, some of the cousins came here.

It started out casually as Meg B. wrote on FB that she and her husband wanted to visit and “christen” our new deck and porch. We said, “Great!”

Then, Meg B’s sisters, Marion & Meredith, called and said, “We’re not letting her christen that deck without us. We’re coming too!” We said, “Great!”

Then I called another cousin, Mary Ellen, to see if she and her sister, Liz, wanted to come up for the weekend. They said, “Great!”

Then I called my sister, Meg, and she said, “Great!”

Everyone but Meg B. and her husband arrived on Friday. And Meg and Robert got here Saturday.

Meg B. was VERY surprised!

The phrase shouted spoken the most – “More wine!”

The song sung the most – Old Cape Cod. Although we got pretty good at Sisters, Sisters after some practice. And um… more wine.

My brother, Kevin, was able to join us on Sunday. He didn’t grow up with any of these cousins but he survived the afternoon of outrageous memories.

The husbands, Moffett & Robert, stayed calm and poured more wine.

We replicated the Nana photo on Sunday before Mary Ellen and Liz headed back to Massachusetts.

2013-07-14 003

First row: Liz, Meredith (too young for the original photo), Meg D. & me
Second row: Meg B., Mary Ellen & Marion

The “effort” to do this – highly worth it!

The memories – unforgettable!

The cousins – gee, I’m lucky!

All of the photos? Click Here!

PS – If you happen to see the movie, The Conjuring, you may spot Marion. She’s in the movie!

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10 Responses to The Dalton Cousins

  1. Colleen says:

    From Meg B.
    Hi, These are so wonderful and I’m crying!!!! I may never stop! Whenever I tell anyone about it or just think about it I cry. I may never be the same again, you have no idea what it all meant to me. I can never thank you enough for all you and Moffett did for that wonderful three days. I’ve always told everyone that I have the best cousins in the world and you all just proved it ten fold!!! Of course now I’ll want everyone together for every event!!
    Again, thank you for every last thing you did you have my ever lasting love.
    Love, Meg

  2. Mary-Ellen Split says:

    I agree with Meg B.still recovering from such a warm and wonderful time. Laughter, tears, kleenex, wine and cousins! (and I was able to get Liz out of Attleboro!) We cannot thank Colleen and Moffett enough! As the saying goes “priceless”.

  3. Minnesota Nice says:

    Oh my goodness gracious – you all look SO much alike!!!

  4. Chris says:

    Oh Colleen….these photos are wonderful! What great memories you all will have forever! All of the renovating looks so nice & yes, now the porch has definitely been christened!!! Everyone looks like they had the time of their lives, laughing, talking, dancing & singing. And the audio/video of Old Cape Cod…Lol! Too great.


  5. Russ R. says:

    Way cool.

  6. Lynnepop says:

    A great time was had by all… even by those of us who were not there, but who can see and hear the joy – and the love.

    Next time,

  7. Alice says:

    A (more or less) spontaneous party is such fun! and a great surprise to some. This one occasion probably made all the aggravation you went through last fall and winter worth it, didn’t it? And you folks seem to really know how to have a good time. The photos will serve well in remembering over the years. I hope you slipped a few to use as blackmail in the private bunch? . . . 😀

  8. Alice says:

    …I should have added “the ones you withheld from public view? …

  9. Meredith says:

    A fabulous, never forgotten weekend. All the result of three mothers who knew how to laugh and taught their daughters well. Thank you for sharing your lovely home with all of us.

  10. jdbarr says:

    Terrific thanks for sharing!!

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