It’s August?

Some points/thoughts/whatever…

  • It’s a tad chilly up here in the woods and it’s delightful.
  • The wildflowers planted last fall are blooming.
  • We still haven’t found the regular, cheapo wineglasses. I’m sure they’re in a box, somewhere.
  • The excavator is back and soon our yard will be done. I hope.
  • A friend is here to fix the hole in our screen on the porch.
  • We’ve been enjoying the first cherry tomatoes.
  • The first red tomato was picked today. Now waiting for the yellows.
  • I made really yummy blueberry muffins.
  • You should freeze muffins before “food saving” them with the vacuum thingy.
  • Moffett made his famous zucchini stew. He gives most of it away and people love it.
  • My cousin, Meredith, found a great use for our cousins’ weekend corks.
  • My cousin, Marion, sent a present for our guest room.
  • A gorgeous sunset.
  • We will celebrate our 39th Wedding Anniversary on Saturday. Yahoo!
  • Chris & Kyle will be here later this month. Haven’t seen them in a while.

And some photos!

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2013-08-06 0042013-07-29 001 2013-08-05 003

2013-07-21 003

2013-07-25 0042013-08-06 003

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6 Responses to It’s August?

  1. Jamie Endahl says:

    Zucchini stew recipe?!

    • Barbara Morrill says:

      Pictures are great, What a neat idea for using up all those corks. Hope you have a great anniversary day. Didn’t know you drank all that wine! The things you learn on the web.

  2. Jane Gregoire says:

    I can vouch for both the blueberry muffins and the zucchini stew!! Except now I call it Jane’s famous zucchini stew, since I have made it several times!!

  3. Meg says:

    That was the best week-end ever in anyone’s life time. I’m still crying and so shaken by all that you did. I love all of you so much, see you for Thanksgiving 2014!!!

  4. Alice says:

    Wow. So much to respond to. First, when I was a poor kid growing up in the back woods, we poked quilt cotton into holes in the screen, ’cause somebody said the flies would think it was a mosquito net and stay away. Don’t remember if it worked or not! Those tomatoes! I sure wouldn’t mind somebody with such beautiful bounty throwing some at me if I walked by real slow! I like the corkboard thingy–I’m working on my own set of wine corks to make hot mats. Maybe I should have a family reunion/party featuring wine. Speaking of which we just got back from Oregon where we visited several wineries and bought more wine than I can shake a stick at and smuggled it back to Utah in the trunk of our car. (otherwise the state sets the selection, price and everything else about the wine we’re “allowed” to buy here–at the state store of course). From the responses I’ve seen, you and M sure do know how to “throw a party.” 🙂

  5. Alice says:

    Oh, and feel free to toss a couple of those muffins along with the tomatoes if you see me walking by…….!!!!

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