Remember the Nickelodeon show where kids got slimed? Part of our yard got slimed today!

2013-08-15 002 2013-08-15 005It’s hydro seed. We may have a done yard before the snow starts falling!

Hopefully, we won’t have to water. I don’t think we own a sprinkler anymore.

Last year at this time, we had an excavator sinking into that same part of the yard.
2012-08-13 005

We have tomatoes! And they’re yummy. First veggies we’ve grown since we moved here in 1998. OMG, we will have been here 15 years in September. That’s the longest either one of us have lived in one house. Amazing…
2013-08-15 003

And for those who requested the zucchini stew recipe, we’ll have it sent out soon. Moffett has some changes to the original recipe that he needs to add.

Next week? Both sons will be here! Chris arrives Sunday and Kyle will be here for the weekend. And on Saturday (the 17th), Moffett will have a birthday!

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4 Responses to Slimed?

  1. Sue says:

    going to be a beautiful yard!! you have more tomatoes than Richard….squirels have eaten his! know you will be happy to have both boys home…have a great time!

  2. Jane Gregoire says:

    Hope you have a great visit with the boys!! And I want the updated recipe too, although I find it hard to believe it could be improved!!

  3. jdbarr says:

    Tell me more about hydro seed.
    I know you must be thrilled to have the equipment out of sight at last.

  4. Alice says:

    Well, you’ve introduced me to something new. Never heard of hydro-seeding before but Wikipedia did a pretty good job of explaining. Sounds good. My first thought, though, was about the yards spray painted with green paint like we used to see once in awhile in Las Vegas.

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