About the ads…

First of all – I know ads show up at the bottom of this. That’s because it’s a free blog and so, there are ads.

Shopping. I hate shopping. I really, really hate shopping. I hated shopping when we had malls and stores and cute little boutiques within minutes of our home.

And now… Let’s just say that the closest department store is a Wal-Mart. Anything else is an hour or more away.

I don’t like to do online shopping for clothing and I usually don’t but, I’d purchased some underwear when we were in Overland Park, KS and wanted to purchase more. I even stopped at the mall one day when I’d driven to the “big” city for a doctor’s appointment. But they didn’t have what I wanted. So I bought it online. Easy peasy. Except…

Every place I go on the web shows me Jockey underwear ads.

And yes, I know I could shut off my “cookies” and the ads wouldn’t follow me but – then I’d have to remember a long list of passwords for various sites and I don’t want to do that. (I already keep a 2 page list of passwords in the desk drawer.)

I’m now trying to decide what kinds of ads I’d prefer. Then I’ll go do a search for something nice or maybe something stupid. Either way, it has to better than underwear ads everywhere I go.

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