The smart phones

So, we did it. We both now have our own smart phones. And I have to say that I don’t feel any smarter. If anything, I feel a whole lot dumber.

I can finally text! I don’t know who I’ll text, but I can do it.

I can use the maps! It’s not like I need to find anything in our small town with a map but, I can do it.

I can listen to music! That’s assuming I can move that music from my computer to the phone.

A couple of years ago, we were driving through Virginia, talking with a friend, who wanted us to try a restaurant near the highway we were on. He told us just to look it up on our phone – and then said, “Oh right, you have a dumb phone.”

I know we’re going to like these new phones. I’m already enjoying texting the sons, who for the most part, even respond.

I’ll keep you posted on how we’re doing.

Happy Soon To Be Spring!!

Hope the white stuff melts very, very soon as I am patiently waiting for my daffodils to show up.

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1 Response to The smart phones

  1. Alice says:

    So you did it too! I confess, hubby and I got ours as soon as the new iPhone5 came out. Like you, I’m still learning–have asked family not to call me, call hubby instead–UNLESS it’s an emergency. We too use the maps; can’t tell you number of times we’ve been out unexpectedly decide to eat someplace and need to find a place wherever we are. What I really like it the most for is the convenience of reading whenever I’m waiting for appointments (or whatever) and all the People Mags are gone and there’s only those mags for new mothers or golf around to read. Now I just whip my phone out and read the latest news, and if that’s bad–as it mostly is–I can play WhirlyWords or Cardgames. I rarely text, and then only when I’m not riding (cars too bumpy to spell right with my fat fingers), and I think I’ve used the phone once or twice at most. Aren’t we something getting all techified like this?! 😀

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