The Gardener in Me…

Most of the snow is gone – there are still patches and the local parking lots still have short mountains of dirty snow.

Dad was the gardener in our family. Out in the yard every evening, pulling weeds and encouraging the flowers to grow.

The summer after Mom died, dad came out to Overland Park, KS to spend some time with us. We’d just had some major landscaping done and it was time to fill in with some annuals. Dad and I hit K-Mart or whatever and bought a flat of Alyssum to put out front. We’ve all bought those six-packs of annuals. Take out the plant and plug it into the ground. Right? Not when you’re planting with dad… My frugal dad (some might have called him cheap but for this – he was frugal) showed me how to take out that 1/6 of a package and then pull it apart to get 4 or more spindly little plants. Which you then put in the ground using a pencil or something like it to make the hole.

Today, we bought some Alyssum. Today, I pulled each little plant apart and planted my little spindly plants. Today, I thought about dad as I sat outside and worked in the yard. It was nice.

Oh – Alyssum smells wonderful.

And yes, it might be too soon but you know, I had to try. If it snows again, I’ll go out and cover them.

2014-04-08 015 (800x600)Earlier this week – still some snow but it’s melting! That’s the culvert under our driveway.

2014-04-07 006 (800x600)Sunrise the other morning. It was pretty.

2014-04-11 008 (800x600)We apparently have a fungal thing in the yard, called Snow Mold. (Thanks to our friends on FB who figured it out for us.) We also spent several hours raking up acorns.

2014-04-07 009 (600x800)This is my office window view… Yes, taken this week.

2014-04-12 006 (800x600)Lots of Allysum

2014-04-12 005 (800x600)Planting the Alyssum – one by one by one…

2014-04-12 004 (800x600)Yippee! A crocus is ready to bloom!

This – made me smile yesterday!

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4 Responses to The Gardener in Me…

  1. Jane Gregoire says:

    Thanks for sharing!!

  2. Alice says:

    Happy birthday belatedly! You’re right, the alyssum are beautiful but your associated memories even more so. 🙂

  3. Space limits my garden to the patio. But, planting, caring for, and viewing makes for a happy day. I am a “novice” container gardener and I love the gift of flowers from my very own garden.

  4. Jim and suzanne says:

    We love spring too.

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