40 Years of Memories

A friend commented on the last post, “Ah yes. Memories. Probably just as well that some of them have slipped away!! “

At least one hasn’t. As we drove back from Canada, following our wedding trip, it rained. Which normally wouldn’t be a big deal but, our windshield was terrible. We could barely see through the water.

When we arrived at my parents’ house in New Hampshire, I said that we needed to get new wiper blades as something was drastically wrong with the ones on the car.


My brother said, “Oh, that’s probably the car wax that Chuck put on the windows!”

We scrubbed the windows with comet or something annoying and – no further problems.

We got back to Richmond and Chuck vehemently DENIED putting car wax on the windows.

Then our wedding photos arrived – with a nice photo of Chuck, standing next to the car, with a can of car wax in his hands.

Last Post Updates:
My brother informed me the Maverick was a stick shift – and a real pain to drive on the road up to the lake house.
Moffett’s uncle reminded me that Bolling AFB is in DC, not Maryland.

I still have my wedding dress. Should I try it on? Will it fit?

It would have fit last year but – I quit smoking – I don’t think it’ll fit anymore. (September 27 – almost a year ago. Yay, me! I know, it was time.)

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2 Responses to 40 Years of Memories

  1. Betsy says:

    HA! Caught in the act. And yes YAY you…almost a year…that’s fantastic!

  2. Sue says:

    love these posts….keep them coming!! that sounds like Chuck with the wax!

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