The Wedding Dress

wp-weddingphotoSo, it’s been 40 years since the dress was worn. I think I put it on once in the 80’s but never took a photo.

I threw out the HUGE dry cleaners box last year but – just couldn’t throw out the dress.

2014-08-10 001Thought about putting it in a local thrift store but really, who would want it? It’s old. It’s long sleeved. It comes up to the neck.

I loved wearing it but, it’s time for it to go. No daughters to wear it and even if there were, I don’t think they’d want to wear it.

So – I found this awesome, incredible organization that uses donated wedding dresses to make burial gowns for new born infants, who have died before going home.

Angel Gowns

Take the time to go read about them and their mission. It’s really quite nice.

For those who didn’t know us 37 years ago, our first born started in NICU. It wasn’t fun. He just turned 37 in June and he’s okay. The NICU can be an amazing place and a very sad place. Reading how parents whose infant died, looking through a box of donated baby clothes, so their child would be clothed before a burial – – – well, this organization makes a terrible situation just a little bit more bearable.

2014-08-10 002The dress is packed. It will go on Monday.

If your dress is still taking up space and you want to donate it, here’s the website.

Angel Gowns

Take the time to watch one or more of the news videos while you’re there.

And yes, the Angel Gowns are sent at no cost to any family who requests one.




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