The “S” Word

Nope, hasn’t snowed yet. I’m sure it will do that, soon. But for now – no snow.

It’s in the forecast for Saturday night. That can change, you know. Really.

We probably need to mow the yard one more time.

The geraniums and impatiens and petunias have been removed from the deck and are waiting to be pitched or cut back and put in the garage. (They’re probably going in the trash. I did the “save the geranium” thing last year and – – – it didn’t work.)

Almost all of the deck/porch furniture is put away and ready for winter.

The church’s annual Christmas Fair is in just over a week. I am so not ready to hear Christmas music.

We had COUSINS visit last night! Just wish their visit could have been a longer one. Meg & her daughter, Anna – along with Meg’s old college roommate Stephanie and her mom, Theresa were here. We had a great, fun, laughter filled visit. I don’t think Moffett’s ever had dinner with five lovely women!

A fun story – I spoke with one of our parishioners this week – who reminded me that he grew up on the same street with Dad – in Boston. He doesn’t remember dad – but he definitely remembered the cute younger sister of the Desmond clan on Woodlawn St. in Jamaica Plain. That little sister was Peg, Meg’s (pink t-shirt) (who was here last night) mom.

2014-10-29 02


2014-10-29 03

2014-10-29 01

We will cheer for the Royals tonight. “Let’s go Royals! clap, clap, clap-clap-clap!”

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  1. Russ Raymoure says:

    So, you cursed the Royals, too, eh? We watched the whole game. That had to be some kind of bad luck. What a shame. Y’all keep that s-word stuff over there; OK?

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