Oh, Look, It’s Snowing

Not only have we had snow. We’ve had a whole lot of snow!

And now, it’s snowing on this page.

The “Cousins’ Thanksgiving at Cape Cod” was fabulous. Mary Ellen did an outstanding job of putting it all together and keeping it fun for the entire time. We also had a “party room!” Although, at our ages it was more like a conversation room.

Mary Ellen had even prepared a gift basket for each of us with Cape Cod fun stuff, including cranberry wine. I did not know there was such a thing.

We had planned to work until noon on Wednesday and then take our time driving south to Cape Cod, even stopping for a leisurely lunch. Didn’t happen.

The snow forecast had us out the door at 8 after making sure that our driveway snow stakes were properly placed. Picked up a McD’s breakfast sandwich for the car and drove in pouring rain the whole time. All the time saying, “At least it’s not snowing, yet!”

Arrived at the Inn – Enjoyed a fun lunch with my sister, Meg (who flew in from St. Paul, Minnesota) and my cousin, Meg (who brought her husband Robert and they flew in from Las Vegas.)

Our Thanksgiving Dinner with a whole table full of cousins and spouses was great. Food was delicious!

Shopping on Friday? It snowed. But not much! There are real stores – just down the street! Even a Pier 1! (Where I clumsily knocked down several glass things but they were nice about it and didn’t want me to pay for those things that I broke…)

A sunset in November

2014-11-10 001 (640x480)Another sunset – it was absolutely gorgeous as I drove home from work. There were several deer in the yard. You can see one. 

2014-11-12 019 (640x480)

Pumpkin cupcakes with cream cheese dressing. Yup, yummy!

2014-11-15 006 (480x640)

Lunch at Walter’s Basin on Squam Lake

2014-11-21 003 (480x640) 2014-11-21 004 (480x640)

Wednesday’s weather forecast…

2014-11-24 001 (640x480)

We’re here!

2014-11-27 003 (640x480)

The Cape Cod Gift Basket!

2014-11-26 005 (480x640)Cranberry Wine

2014-11-29 047 (480x640)The Inn

2014-11-27 007 (640x480)

Thanksgiving Dinner 

2014-11-27 019 (640x480)

The Dalton Gang!

2014-11-27 029 (640x424)2014-11-28 03 (640x512)Mary Ellen’s son, Chris, had some fun with our Friday night photo

2014-11-28 02 (640x512)Salt & Pepper Shakers from our Aunt Helen’s collection

2014-11-29 060 (640x480)2014-11-29 061 (640x480)Another item from our Cape Cod Gift Basket

2014-11-29 049 (640x480)2014-11-29 050 (640x480)


And home – I am so ready to do this again!

2014-11-29 039 (640x480)




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6 Responses to Oh, Look, It’s Snowing

  1. Fun reading – thanks!

  2. Mary-Ellen Split says:

    Such a fun recap of a wonderful time! I am so glad we did this and wish everyone could have been there. Family is best… Wonderful memories… Love you all!

  3. julian225 says:

    Great pictures…..evidence of a good time being had by all. Thanks for sharing! Hugs, M & J

  4. Jim and Suzanne says:

    The food looks great! Winter sunsets are the best.

  5. Lin says:

    Thanks for sharing, Colleen. Our Thanksgiving was hectic, noisy, cold and rainy! Lots of fun. Setting in nicely down here. I won’t mention the weather.

  6. Wanda says:

    Great pics as usual! I loved the celebrities that came. Wonderful to have family around at this time of year.
    Thanks for sharing & happy holidays!

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