More downsizing…


This morning I said to Moffett, “You know, we don’t need all those Pyrex/Corning Ware dishes/casseroles. Let’s get rid of some.”

He agreed.

Instead of just removing the stuff we discussed, I emptied the entire cabinet.

(As you read this, remember that we ended up with a bunch of dad’s stuff. That was several years ago. This is still stupid.)

And have now decided that we also don’t need:

Six pie plates
I don’t make pies. I don’t know what we’re doing with six pie plates.

2014-12-28 002 (640x480)

Several, many, lidded casserole dishes
We couldn’t use all of these in a week, even if we tried.
(The green one was a wedding present – 40+ years ago)

2014-12-28 003 (640x480)

2014-12-28 004 (640x480)

Two angel food cake/tube pans and one bundt pan.

2014-12-28 008 (640x480)

A whole bunch of cake pans
I cannot tell you the last time I made a large, round cake.
The heart shaped pans came from Moffett’s mom. I don’t think I’ve ever used them.

2014-12-28 001 (480x640)

And this corner cabinet is really pretty useless. It was amazing what I found back there in the corner. And obviously, we haven’t used souffle dishes in quite some time!

2014-12-28 007 (480x640)

And now, there is new shelf paper in both cabinets and boxes of stuff to take to our local St. Vincent DePaul.

2014-12-28 005 (640x480)

One more small step in our GIANT need to “keep on downsizing!”


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8 Responses to More downsizing…

  1. Oh Colleen I think you know I too am trying to declutter, and getting NOWHERE.
    But your post reminded me of when we were getting my gma’s house ready for sale and found a b’zillion pieces of tupperware – deviled egg carrier, angel cake carrier, celery keeper, head lettuce keeper, sandwich box, salt ‘n’ pepper shaker(s), condiment carriers, blah blah blah. And a bunch of miscellaneous lids that belonged to nothing……..

  2. Mary- Ellen Split says:

    I also have thrown out lids and pans I don’t use… Having said that I covet the collection of tube pans you got rid of. They are not that easy to find without coating and designs. Oh,and I love pie plates….:-)

  3. Betsy says:

    Well, I’m gonna say it again this year…this is THE year we are getting rid of some stuff. Hopefully it will happen! Good for you!

  4. Cara says:

    I am currently in the middle of moving for the second time in 13 months. When I moved last time, I didn’t have time to sort through and get rid of things. This time I do. And I’ve been parting with things left and right. My kitchen is one area that I have the hardest time parting with things though. I wish I had the willpower to ditch a bunch of kitchen stuff.

  5. Russ Raymoure says:

    I applaud your efforts. I predict that within 6 months you’ll say to yourself, “Self, I sure wish I had that green casserole”, but you’ll find something that will do the job quite nicely without having to go buy a new whatever.

  6. Heidi says:

    My goal Is to clean out and get rid of most of the stuff in the basement this year. It’s ridiculous how bad it is down there.

  7. Chris says:

    I am queen of getting rid, downsizing, purging….whatever you want to call it. But, if I may throw in a suggestion for the 40+ year old green dish wedding present. Isn’t there an impending wedding in the somewhat near-ish future? I think it would be pretty special to hand that down to couple #2, keep it in the family. Just a thought. I don’t know if they are as sentimental (i.e. sappy) as some of us Dalton/Guyot spawn. Anyway, happy downsizing!!!
    p.s. Six pie plates?! Criminy!!! Lol!

  8. landileigh says:

    I have been doing this for the last couple of years. I even started a couple of months ago with my pantry and freezer. Tired of holding onto everything!

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