Fall Road Trip!

We’re planning a month long road trip – all the way to Idaho (or farther) and back.

Lightning hit near our house the other day and knocked out and/or killed: the modem, the router, my desktop computer, a wall/slimline AC unit and the whole house generator. The neighbors also lost some stuff.

Tonight – no need for AC. Doors and windows are open!

Today – bought a MacBook Air computer. It’s our second Apple computer. The first was an Apple 2E a whole lot of years ago. I have a whole lot of learning to do…

Back in 1975, we bought our first house and ended up with the best neighbors and best friends. We all 8 got together in a cabin in Pennsylvania last year and so enjoyed ourselves that we’re meeting up again next month here in Meredith. More photos!


So, in knowing we’ll have lots to “show and tell” for our trip, I’m reviving nhmeanderings.

Thanks for visiting!

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One Response to Fall Road Trip!

  1. Linda Ingram says:

    Sounds like a wonderful trip, looking forward to hearing about it!

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