Learning to use a Mac

Learning something new! How to use a MacBook Air. It’s the little things that are driving me nuts. But – I’m getting a whole lot better at the touchpad stuff.

There’s a “control” key but what I want is called the “command” key.

There’s no “backspace” key. At least not that I’ve figured out. Ah ha! I just googled it and actually – the mac delete key is a backspace key. There’s no delete key.
Feb 20, 2012 – The one marked Delete is actually a Backspace key, Apple. If you want it to function as a PC Delete key hold down the “fn” key when hitting it.

I could have purchased help – 3 years of technical support and other stuff for about $250. Didn’t do that. I’m totally depending on my Apple computer friends to be available when I’m looking for advice. And of course, Google.

This morning in Meredith? Just delightful!

This morning at church, the visiting priest asked if there was anyone in the congregation who had been in WW II to please stand. Two men stood up. The entire church applauded. Then our visiting priest encouraged any of the high school students to start learning history first hand by visiting with men and women like these two gentleman. That’s our parents. If mom and dad were still alive, they’d be 95 years old.

We’ve been spending time looking at some “off the interstate” ideas for our “Go West” trip. One is Route 20 that goes from Boston to Oregon. We’re going to try that for a big part of the journey to Twin Falls, Idaho to see Chris & Lindsay – with a detour to KC to visit Kyle.

There’s a video! Go check it out!
There’s a song – probably best not to check that out. Oh well.






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  1. chckbrdshw says:

    I have both & have a love hate relationship with Apple – as for phone – A – as for PC- W


  2. Cathy Scheller says:

    That sounds like an awesome trip.We are envious!Temperature looks great at your house especially since it is in the 90’s here!

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