“Our Song”

This week’s tune is: (from 1966 – jeez, a really long time ago…)

And no – lightning did NOT strike again. It’s just one repair/tech person after another. All of whom are delightful to work with but the time to be home, etc… is annoying.

The computer? The mother board (is that two words or one? who knows?) is fried. Eddie called me yesterday and had a sad voice as he explained that it’s gone… They’re going to see what, if anything, can be salvaged from the hard drive. He didn’t call me today so I’m slightly worried. He’ll write a letter stating that the damage was caused by lightning.

Metrocast – our internet provider, was here today. The young man – a recent arrival in the US from Romania, shook his head and said – you have no signal. I wanted to say, “No shit, Sherlock.” but didn’t – so that’s fixed.

The AC repair guy was here tonight. His mom is one of our favorite pharmacy techs at our local drug store. He’s really busy and working very long days. He arrived at 7pm. He could tell that switches had gone bonkers due to lightning but was able to get it restarted after cleaning out the mouse house built in the control box in the shed under the house. No mice were killed but one was definitely running for the hills. He will have the company write a letter stating that the damage was caused by lightning.

He also advised that we have an electrician check our breaker box – just in case. Getting an electrician around here isn’t easy. Ours was here this morning changing out two lights for us. It will be awhile before we can get him back.

The part that was killed in the generator has been ordered and they will also be doing a letter stating that it was lightning damage.

This week’s question… Are we having fun, yet?

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    Although the situation is certainly not
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