43 Years Ago

Oh good grief! We’ve been married 43 years on Thursday. What a hoot.

Our story – Packing up the suitcases to drive to Alexandria from Richmond on the 8th. First – we’re trying to keep up with the news as Nixon is resigning while we pack. There was no “pause” or “replay” back in the old days. Somewhere, we still have the Richmond Times Dispatch with the headline on August 9.

On the morning of the 9th, we’re packing the car. Two of the guys who lived in our building asked me if I want to go camping with them that weekend. I said no, couldn’t go – getting married. Next trip out I was carrying the wedding dress. They were surprised. It was fun. (The wedding dress went to a group that makes burial gowns for deceased infants.)

Our Rt. 20 adventure is close! I found a Rt. 20 bumper sticker today for $1.50. Shipping is $7.95. I didn’t buy it. Moffett doesn’t like bumper stickers so I might buy it just because…


Six of our very good friends are arriving on Thursday for a long weekend of New Hampshire fun. We all lived on Arkwright Rd. in Richmond, VA. Two of us had kids in 1977 (Chris & Becky). Three of us had kids in 1979 (Kyle, Scott and Matthew). All of them had other kids before that – – – Donald, Amy, Ann, Richard, John and the last but not least was Katie. It’s going to be a fabulous weekend! With lots of pictures to post next week!

I’m still learning Apple computer stuff – I still have a whole lot to learn. Sigh…


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