192 Years

IMG_9950Our Arkwright Road group was here – and now they’re gone. We had such a wonderful time! Our group photo shows 192 years of marriage. I think we all look pretty damn good! thumb_IMG_0122_1024

We did the Lakes Region tourist stuff from riding around Lake Winnipesaukee on the Sophie C mailboat to visiting the Moultonboro Country Store and dinner at Hart’s. The guys spent a morning purchasing and then installing a new toilet in our downstair’s bathroom. We were going to get a plumber in to do it and they said, “Nah, we can do that.” And they did. It’s wonderful. In between there was food and dominoes – Mexican Train Wreck – and more food – and lots and lots of talking!

IMG_0031Trip planning continues – _________ the Moose will accompany us and be featured in our photos as we drive across the country (and back) to Twin Falls, Idaho. Name ideas for our cute moose would be appreciated!




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2 Responses to 192 Years

  1. Gail says:

    Mutt the Moose

  2. Linda K. Ingram says:

    Mosey the Moose (as in moseying down Historic Route 20)

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