10 More Days – Woo Hoo!

The planning is getting more serious.

The excitement is getting more fun.

The “OMG – are we nuts? are getting more frequent.

I may go blind staring at maps. I’m a big fan of Google Maps but… Many years ago when we first moved to NH, Moffett discovered the Gazetteers printed by the DeLorme Company. He’s the primo navigator when he has a map in front of him. (Some friends will remember the trip made with no map and the conversations about that – in Nags Head – where an Atlas was ordered – and overnighted…) GPS is nifty but – it’s hard to see what else might be around. So, we’re fuddy duddies and like our maps. Chris & Lindsay gave Moffett the Idaho one for Christmas.

We also belong to AAA. They’ve gotten us into locked cars. They’ve changed a tire or two but that’s about it. Until we plan a new trip. I love the old TripTiks. The new ones are nice but the old flip up and open a new page ones were cooler. We have a TripTik for the trip! I ordered it at the website and held my breath as – we’re trying to stay OFF interstates on our way west. And they actually read what I wrote and have us on Rt 20 on our way to Twin Falls.

Screen Shot 2017-08-23 at 6.40.48 AM

Did you know there’s a Jell-O Museum in NY just north of US Rt 20? It’s on our list.

IMG_0159 (2) copyI haven’t named our trip moose yet. Got some great suggestions but – still not “just right.”

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3 Responses to 10 More Days – Woo Hoo!

  1. Gail says:

    His name is Jesse

  2. Mary-Ellen Split says:

    Very cool so far! Can’t wait to hear about the Jell-o Museum! Who knew!

    BTW… I think the Moose is a girl and her name is “Meredith”….😂

  3. Linda Huntress says:

    Name possibilities – Roady or Bruno

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