And the answer is…

Naming a toy moose. I thought it would be easy.

Tonight I announced to Moffett that I’d made my choice.

His name will be Roady!

Moffett said, “You can’t. His name is Jesse.”

So – the moose will henceforth be known as RJ. I can’t do JR cuz then I’d be humming the Dallas theme song and I don’t want to do that and – I don’t want him shot…


Thank you to my pals Linda H. and Gail for choosing the names. I’ll be sure to find the tackiest souvenirs that I can, to award you when we return.

Meanwhile – I have a dental issue. I’m not happy. I went to the dentist today. I have to see an endodontist on Monday.  I’m not happy. I really do NOT like going to the dentist. I’m not happy. I have to get this checked out before I end up in the middle of Iowa looking for a dentist. I’m not happy.

A pedicure helped…

But – I’m humming the damn Dallas song…

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2 Responses to And the answer is…

  1. Gail says:

    Sorry about the dental thing
    RJ will work!

  2. Linda Ingram says:

    Good one!

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