Day 1 of Our Great Adventure!

This is it – the weeks/months of planning are over and the drive begins. We are really, very excited.

As I write this we haven’t finished packing the car. Heck, we haven’t finished packing the suitcases. Fingers are crossed that everything goes in the car without Moffett thinking I’m nuts.

This box and some more of Chris’s stuff is traveling with us… It’s time…
He’s 40 years old… It’s time…IMG_9788

There’s a “Road Trip! Playlist”

There’s our Garmin GPS. Yes, there’s one in the car. We like this one better.

There’s a Frio. A what?
FRIO Insulin Cooling Cases keep insulin cool and safe for a minimum of 45 hours – then simply re-activate with water! Learn more at the Frio website.
Insulin is good for 30 days after opening but – parking in a sunny parking lot, staying in a hotel with an unreliable fridge – cooked and/or frozen insulin is not a good thing.
And of course, there is extra – for an emergency – insulin.
Having Type 1 Diabetes is a PIA – Pain in the Ass.

And – no kids in the back seat – Thank God!!!
But Roady wants to know…

First stop – Albany, NY. We’ve never been there.
On Sunday, we’ll find Rt. 20 and head west.
(PS – the dental issue is not an issue – Yippee!)

Click on the map to see/learn more. It’s fun!
historic 20 map




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  1. Meg Desmond says:

    The email notification work slick. Nice to see the long version along with the fb posts.

  2. Linda K. Ingram says:

    Happy Trails to you…!

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