Where are we?

Before I begin, I have to say that we live in a gorgeous country! Driving through Vermont yesterday and New York today was really just amazing. I just keep saying, “Wow!”

Our stay in Albany was nice and dinner was delicious.

We had a fabulous dinner just a few blocks from our hotel/inn.

The Inn? Not that great – and we hadn’t even thought about the fact that we’d have to lug our stuff up stairs. We’d consolidated to one suitcase but – we still have baggage like Moffett’s cpap machine, my d-stuff, our computer stuff.

We have huge hopes that we’ll get better at the one suitcase thing as our trip rolls on.

Some observations…
The same look on people’s faces when we calmly say, “We’re driving to Idaho on Route 20.” I think they think we’re nuts.
There are lots and lots of sunflowers growing all over the state of New York.
There’s a whole lot of corn growing in NY.
Nothing like doing a “Road Trip” as gas prices go UP.
Holy Moly we drove through some of the very worst rain we’ve ever driven through – twice today. It wasn’t fun.

And – some photos…

IMG_0220Taken in the driveway – Saturday morning – We pulled out just a few minutes after our target time. Yay, us!

IMG_0222State #2 in our Road Trip!

IMG_0223Not a lot of cell service as we drove through Vermont.

IMG_0227Roady & Moffett!


Big Moose Deli & Country Store in Hoosick, NY.
Almost chose the RJ namers their tacky prizes here but –
I’m sure I’ll see more as we travel.

Dinner at the Savoy Taproom in Albany & leaving on a very rainy Sunday morning.

Drove up and read the “Established 1950.” Moffett said, “So were we.”

And nope, didn’t buy any of the below. The purple belly button lint brush was tempting…

IMG_0261A very long time ago, we visited Gail (one of the RJ namers) & Donnie’s cabin up in the woods in Virginia. They drove us around but – it was rainy and foggy – but Gail kept insisting that the views were great when there wasn’t any fog. As we drove through the fog today – Moffett said we should take a picture and send it to them. So we did.

Left Rt. 20 for awhile to go up to the Mohawk River. We wanted to do an Erie Canal thing but – didn’t find it in time. So drove back but wandered just a little. If you’re going to be just a little lost – it’s nice that the view is delightful.

IMG_0268The sun was out – not much – but it was appreciated!

Never got the “Welcome to New York sign.” Too much traffic as we passed it but. Here are two of the Route 20 signs.

And the adventure continues…

Tomorrow – Seneca Falls – lots to see – but Mondays are not good, so…

Trying to make sure we stay someplace on Thursday
where we can watch the Patriots and the Chiefs!

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